9 Tips on How to Stage your Home for an Effective House Viewing

Effective Housek

Selling your St Kilda home can be an incredibly stressful process. Setting up appointments and arranging for prospective buyers to visit your home is just the beginning of a long journey. So, is there anything you can do to make it a little easier? What about making your home more appealing to potential buyers? Ever heard of home staging?

Home staging involves decorating your home in a manner that highlights your home’s best features. Doing this will enable buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Simple tricks like adding fresh bouquets procured from a service for flower delivery St Kilda based and a good house cleaning session are only two easy tips of many you can implement. 

Easy Tips for the Perfect Staging Session

There is a lot to gain by staging your home the right way. Making a few simple changes might just be the edge that you need to sell your home faster. The good news is most of these can be done without spending a lot of money. Read on to see what they are!

Stage the Important Rooms

Some rooms have a bigger chance of influencing a buyer’s decision. Rooms that hold the most interest for buyers are the master bedroom, living room and kitchen. So, these should be the rooms you should focus on. 

De-Clutter as Much as You Can

When you’re trying to sell your home, it’s important to remember that space sells. You can’t sell the space if the potential buyer can’t see it! Pack up all your unnecessary items and store them at a friend’s house for the period of the showing. 

Remember that potential buyers will be opening closets to see if they will be big enough for their own storage needs. You don’t want them to get the idea that the cupboards are too small, so remove clutter from there too!

Spring Clean EVERYWHERE!

When you’re listing your home, you should go on a major cleaning venture. Every square inch of your home should be thoroughly cleaned. Everything from dust on baseboards to spiderwebs in the corners of your ceiling! Wash all your windows, curtains and carpets. A clean home indicates that the current homeowners take good care of the property, so new owners will have more peace of mind about moving in. 

Repair as Much as You Can

Small holes, scratches and little nicks could indicate that the property has been neglected. Remove scuff markets from the walls, baseboards and kitchen cupboards. Touch up some painted surfaces if necessary and fix door handles and leaky taps. The less damage there is to the property, the more likely you’ll get it sold!

Enhance the First Impression

You’ll want to create a good first impression and that means clearing out the area in front of your front door. Make sure there are no seasonal decorations, toys or old pot plants standing around. Clean out the area and wash the porch or veranda. Get rid of any old or dead pot plants. A good idea would be to get some new plants from your local florist. 

Flower Arrangements

A few well-placed flower arrangements in the key rooms will add to the ambience of your home and give the space a fresh feel. Ask your florist to make up a glass vase of fresh seasonal flowers for the living room or kitchen table. Placing a few small succulents scattered around the master bedroom is also a good idea. 

Let in the Light!

Brighten up your home by letting in as much light as possible. Dark homes are less likely to be sold because they create a sombre atmosphere. Opening blinds and curtains will also make the rooms look bigger and more appealing. A good idea would be to switch on all your lights at the time of the viewing. This makes your home look more welcoming. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Create as much open space as possible. Potential buyers shouldn’t have to climb over your furniture to see the entire home. Open spaces and walkways will provide a walkable path through your home. 

Rooms that have too much furniture can create an impression of cramped quarters. Avoid this by moving excess furniture to storage. It’s also a good opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use!

Create Ambience

It’s important to create a positive, warm ambience in your home. Aside from the well-placed flowers, another way to do this is with baking. Yes, baking! You probably won’t be at the house when your agent is showing it off, so the trick is to bake a few biscuits for the agent to serve. 

Choosing something like vanilla or cinnamon flavoured biscuits will leave a lingering fragrance in your home. The trick here is to do it about an hour before the guests arrive. This will give you enough time to tidy up but will keep the smell of “home”. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh biscuits?


Staging your home to improve the possibility of selling it doesn’t require a lot of money. Speak to your sales agent to help you with a few suggestions in addition to the ones we’ve offered. By doing everything possible to show off your home in the right light, you’ll ensure it sells quickly!