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Amazing Winter Home Makeover Tips

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At the start of the year, 70% of Americans said they were hoping to redecorate their homes in 2021, according to People. If you haven’t yet had the chance to overhaul your home, winter is the perfect time to do it. With the nights drawing in and the cold weather almost upon us, winter provides lots of home makeover opportunities.

Experiment with fairy lights 

During the winter, the sun sets before 4pm in certain parts of the U.S. To stop your home from feeling dreary, you need to experiment with new lighting during the winter. Fairy lights instantly make you think of Christmas and therefore winter. They can be dressed up in many ways too. You could pop them in a large vase in your living room for an interesting feature or decorate the inside of your fireplace with them for a cozy feel. In the kitchen, pin them to the underside of your cabinets. Over in the bedroom, hang them around a mirror or drape against your bed’s headboard. 

Mix up your soft furnishings 

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Soft furnishings like pleated blinds or rugs are more important than ever during the winter. It’s great to replace your spring/summer furnishings with ones more appropriate for the winter weather. Thick throws on the back of your sofa in a shade similar to Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year ‘Evergreen Fog’ are essential. Keep things cozy while you sleep with plush blankets. A large, fluffy rug is another must-have winter furnishing in your bedroom. Some new cushions for both your bed and sofa are recommended too. Go for large, plump cushions in stunning winter shades, such as gray, blue, silver, and red. 

Creative accessories 

To complete your home’s winter makeover, add lots of winter-themed accessories into each of your rooms. Candles are vital and look good in any room. Opt for scented ones which remind you of your favorite winter smells, such cinnamon or pine. Pine cones are also great accessories. Keep them in their natural state and scatter across your fireplace or spruce them up with silver paint. You could even make a garland out of them to hang across your hallway. Homemade wintery wreaths made from fresh greenery and berries are another nice touch and look lovely in any room, including your bathroom and dining area. 

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Winter is a time for celebrating and there is no better way to do that than making over your home. Every room can benefit from a winter themed rug, accessory, or feature and, best of all, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. 

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