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How Can You Successful Style Black and White Kitchen Island Lights in Your Home?

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When it comes to locating the common spot in your home for the task of pendant lights over your kitchen island, you will find that homeowners generally like to use black. This is, in fact, the most liked color for modern homeowners today.

Now, if you are considering buying black pendant lights for your kitchen island, you must note that you should not invest in just any light. There are several lights for you to choose from in the market. However, you need to determine the lights that will sync with your needs.

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You should be aware of how to style your kitchen with the rest of the home décor to make it work for your home. You should also determine the right placement for these black lights so that they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen with success.

What are the best colors for your kitchen?

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The best thing about the color black is that it is a versatile color that syncs with every home. You often find black light pendants that hang from a modern kitchen. This style of light often features both white and black combinations as well.

Black also matches with the home appliances that you keep in the kitchen. For instance, it syncs in well with the microwave, blender, and grill. Modern kitchen appliances are commonly available in the colors of black and white. So, you can match them up with the pendant hanging lights for your home.

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Can you add colors?

Using black and white lights does not mean you cannot add colors to your kitchen décor. Some hues of bold color can bring life into your kitchen. A great tip would be to paint the kitchen accent walls with a vibrant color to make the area stand out.

If you have a grill from Weber, you can invest in a stylish weber grill cover to sync in with the kitchen’s interiors with success. You can even add a bowl of colorful fruits on the kitchen island for that extra spice of color. This means that modern kitchens do not have to be boring and sterile for you to look at.

How much space must you leave between the kitchen island and light pendants?

It helps if you keep the space between the kitchen island and the light pendants about two feet from each other. The measurements should be taken from the center of the island and not from the fixtures’ closest edge. This will give you even tones of illumination, making the preparation of kitchen tasks and the preparation of food a simple affair.

You will find that most of the black lights for your kitchen island have a mechanism for hanging them down. They are generally easy for you to adjust, so you do not have to worry about getting the right length. Make sure the length you choose is long enough to drop down to the proper height. A professional installer will successfully help you with the task.

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