How To Safely Tour Homes For Rent During The Pandemic


In these uncertain situations, many things have been left astray and unfinished. Many businesses have come to a halt and many events have been delayed.

Real estate is no exception to that. This pandemic has impacted this area pretty badly as well. Where people had big plans of moving to their favorite locations, touring houses, and finding their dream place, now they seem to be not able to pull off any of their plans as many people are still practicing social distancing staunchly.

So in such a time, how can you safely tour homes for rent, especially, when going out and meeting with people can actually prove to be bad for your health? Well, we have news for you. This is still possible and you can tour houses without worrying about contracting the virus or becoming ill.

These are the following ways through which you can hunt for your dream house. 

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Opt for virtual tours

Many Real estate leads offer this option where they walk you through the house virtually either through photos, videos, or 3D sessions. This type of home tour comes in handy when you have to make sure if it is indeed worthwhile to spend your time and go to the site.

And since, because of this pandemic it is not advisable to make outdoor tours, again and again, it is best that the first tour you take is virtual. As many people already find this option helpful in deciding whether they want to proceed ahead with the deal or not. 


Many marketplaces, and especially First key homes, are famous for providing a thorough and complete self-tour that is not only safe but highly effective. In such a tour, you do not have to meet with an agent on the site, you just have to arrive at the place, unlock the house with the one time code provided by the real estate marketplace, and voila, you are in!

The self-tour is the safest option during a pandemic as you do not have to come in contact with any outside person. You can easily go in, while making sure that you have taken all the precautionary measures and tour the house comfortably in the given time slot.

Explore by yourself

Another way that can be helpful in giving you an idea of the property is taking either walk through the neighborhood you are interested in or driving through it. That way, you will not have to contact any realtor, you can simply take a look at the houses for rent all on your own. 

Get Pre-approval letter

This letter will prove to be highly beneficial in proving to some sellers that you are seriously interested in buying their property and not just fooling around. Since people are careful about letting outsiders in during pandemic, this letter would work as a guarantee of your seriousness.

No matter which method you go for, wearing masks, covering your hands, and sanitizing your hands is a must when you go out, so be mindful of that while going on the house-hunting spree.