How to Plan Your Daily To-do’s to Improve Productivity

Improve productivity 1
Improve productivity 1

There are days when it’s easy to be productive, but there are days that are just too challenging. You want to stay in bed or just binge-watch new releases on Netflix. Takeout is your best friend and you don’t even change out of your pajamas. Once you have a lazy day like this, you want more of them, which makes productivity even more elusive.

The trick is to build a to-do list that will not be overwhelming to go through. You will be more productive consistently if you plan your list with these in mind:

Start with Small Victories

Improve Productivity

The hardest part of the day is the beginning because you haven’t accomplished anything yet. To start your day on a good and productive note, give yourself a couple of breadcrumbs. Put tasks that are easy to complete on top of your list, so that you will feel good about your day. Having something to tick off your daily to-do checklist will give you that sense of accomplishment. It can be something like getting your online shopping out of the way, to remove that distraction from the rest of the day. Go ahead and go to your favorite online shop for a new face toner or makeup remover, tick that off your checklist, then continue with your other tasks.

Divide Big Tasks into Workable Chunks


Tasks into workable chunks

You already have those small victories under your belt. It’s time to work on big tasks. But you don’t have to list it as one massive task on your list. Break it into smaller tasks so that you can easily see how much you have accomplished. You will easily feel less motivated if hours have passed and you still haven’t checked off that one giant task; on the contrary, your motivation will be sustained if you check one small part after another.

Finish Your List

finish everything

Creating a to-do list will not be helpful if you don’t finish everything. Create the list at the start of the day to have an overview of what your tasks will look like, and make sure you check everything off your list. There will be days when you just want to stop midway through the list, but keep working on it and you will feel the sense of relief that comes with accomplishing your list at the end of the day.

Know Your Limits

To be more productive consistently, it’s important to be realistic when it comes to your limits. During crunch time, you may be able to accomplish all the tasks you’ve crammed into your day with no problem, but that might be hard to do daily. As you list your tasks for the day, be mindful of how much you are listing down. Tasks that are less urgent can be scheduled for the next day instead of giving yourself one massive checklist today and nothing to do tomorrow. Remember, you are trying to be consistent. That means leaving yourself room to breathe, too.

Procrastinating is easy, but productivity can be easy too. All you have to do is turn it into a habit by forming a list of tasks that you will be motivated to do every day.