Marathi Wedding Planning During COVID-19 Pandemic (Let’s Do the Best in this situation)

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Covid-19 has taken a toll on our lives. Vital events like weddings getting postponed or stopped,can be disheartening. But we have to stay positive and move forward. Thus, we need to find ways to make the best out of this situation by planning safe wedding gatherings.

From finding the right life partner to getting through all the rituals and customs without a hitch, it begins by creating a profile on a Marathi matrimony website.This piece will serve you just right if you plan to make your vibrant Maharashtrian wedding a success. Let’s take a look at the valiant and mindful moves to complete the auspicious ceremony safely and serenely. 

1. Craft the Guest List with Slight Changes

One of the most challenging aspects regarding re-planning the wedding during difficult times is rearranging your guest list. As per the new rules imposed by the governmental authorities of every place, you must be prepared to edit your guest list well. Remember, you will be considered a responsible citizen if you do this right. 

Now is not the time to consider guests’ sentiments or worry that your predisposition for safety might hurt certain people’s feelings. You can craft a healthy and convincing note for the guests you are unable to invite. This will establish an understanding that it is for their and everyone’s safety. For all Marathi matchmaking related things, you can download a Marathi matrimony app from Play Store.

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2. Keep It As Simple As Possible! – Understand The Situation 

Weddings are, in essence, not about luxury and amenity. They are about finding the ultimate love and warmth and forging a bond.

You can make a list of the rituals such as SakharPuda, Kelvan Ritual, Halad Chadavane, Seemant pooja and all the eminent rituals and simply focus on arranging them well.

The supporting aspects like decorations, amenities, furniture, themes can be taken care of with a minimalist mindset. This shall only bring in more safety and ease things for you as a host. 

3. Choose a Comfortable and Safe Venue

The venue matters! A large percentage of the safety and management will depend on the venue you choose. Make sure the venue is sanitised thoroughly and all the staff are tested. Arranging proper sanitisation for each guest is mandatory too. 

As per the CDC’s Guideline Principles, small outdoor occasions with apt health protocols and social distancing can be arranged, ensuring adequate ventilation to the crowd.

4. Find the Best Way for Serving Food at Your Reception

One of the essential points to keep in mind to make your Maharashtrian wedding a safe and health-conscience gala is to pay extra attention to the food serving arrangement. Half the furore of any wedding lies in the mouth-watering delicacies on offer. Also, serving your guests in a socially crowded location can be quite a risk in today’s situation.

Make sure you set some strong terms and conditions with your catering team or the food services. Delicious and safe meals can make every aspect much better and healthier.

Hence, food services can provide you with safe ideas for serving, such as packing each food into closed boxes, using packed cutleries, asking guests to use their personal napkins, strictly using gloves and masks during the food serving session. You can also opt for food takeaway service. 

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5. Plan a Detailed and Systematic Health Protocol

Your wedding prep at this time will be incomplete without crafting a proper health protocol plan. Ever since the new normal era, the government authorities are giving permits for couples planning an intimate marriage reception. Certain strict norms need to be met.

For instance, you can offer additional information about health protocol rules on your occasion. Send a text or email to your guests regarding the safety measures you shall be taking in the event. They can include temperature checks, social distancing rules, delivering free masks, hand sanitisers, and more. 

The Bottom Line

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. The above guides can be successfully used not just to make a Maharashtrian wedding safe and fluent but can be applied to any social gathering. Make your wedding even more special by initiating safety measures that will keep your family, friends, and loved ones healthy, leaving you with only the hearty memories of your big day!