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Top 10n Words: Find and Learn Them

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No matter what you want to do in life, it’s important that you have a strong vocabulary. Whether you’re trying to communicate effectively or just understand the world around you, knowing words is essential. In this blog post, we will explore 10 popular words (in no particular order) and discuss why they are so important for your success going forward.

10n: This refers to the number ten followed by a zero. In math, this means 10×0=0. If we said that one is listed as “one” and two as “two,” three would be “three.” So if you want to say eleven in English, it would be Ten One.

Top 10n Words: Find and Learn Them

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word list: A word list is a collection of words, usually in alphabetical order. They are often used for the purposes of memorization or study.

communication: Communication can be done verbally (talking) or nonverbally (facial expressions). It’s one way of conveying information to another person.

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vocabulary: Vocabulary can be defined as the words in one’s language vocabulary, or the collective knowledge of a particular subject. It is said that you learn and increase your vocabulary when reading books and magazines. This will also make it easier for you to communicate with others who have large vocabularies in their language.

ten: 10 is the base of any numeral system that uses the decimal representation to represent numbers in an infinite set, such as the natural numbers, integers, rationals and so on. The word comes from Latin roots: “ten” means a quantity consisting of one more than nine;

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telepathy: Telepathy is the supposed transmission of information from one person’s mind to another without using any known sensory channels or physical interaction. People who believe in telepathy attribute such experiences to a paranormal process, while others ascribe them either to various forms of ESP (such as clairvoyance), unconscious mental activity, self-delusion, wishful thinking and coincidences;

tenacious: Tenacity means the quality of having or showing an obstinate, determined nature. It also is a synonym for persistence and determination in pursuit of one’s goals;

terminal illness: A terminal illness is any serious medical condition that will not get better over time and may result in death. This term is typically used with reference to cancers, AIDS/HIV, and other long-term diseases.

terrain: Terrain is the physical features of an area including its topography (such as altitude and slope) and vegetation. It also refers more broadly to all aspects that shape a person’s environment;

terrorize: Terrorizing is a verb that means to terrorize or create terror as a result of violence, threats and intimidation.

terrorist: Terrorist is the term for people who use their position in society to intimidate others with fear because they disagree with what has been done or are fearful about what may happen;

terrorism: Terrorism refers to using force against civilians in the pursuit of political, religious or ideological objectives;

terrorist act: Terrorist act refers to any intentional activity that is designed to terrorize civilians and provoke fear.

The word terrorism has been used since at least 1838 as a noun denoting “systematic use of terror,” but it was not until 1970 when its meaning became restricted to “violence intended or calculated to create terror.”

terrorist organization: Terrorist Organization is a group of people who use violence, threats and intimidation as their way of achieving political goals.

terrorism: Terrorism refers to the systematic use of violence against civilians in pursuit of political objectives;

terrorists: A person who uses force or violence in an unlawful way that causes fear among the public, such as by bombing or hijacking.

terrorist attack: A deliberate act of terrorism against individuals or property for ideological motives;

terrorize: Terrorize is to fill with alarm and dread; make afraid and anxious.

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