8 Body Positivity Rules You Should Live By This Summer


Have you heard of the body positivity movement? If not, where have you been, girl? The body positivity movement has taken social media and our world by storm, and thank goodness it has! If you’re not familiar with the movement, let us sum it up for you. It all started when Black plus size women were fed up with how society viewed their bodies even though they cherished their curves and embraced their figures. Through social media, these women created movements that would reach the entire world and women of all shapes and sizes. And, because of them, now, many more women openly discuss body image issues and how they have arrived at self-love and acceptance. And there is even a huge push for body positivity within fashion. 

Body positivity changed our lives, and it can change yours too! We realize that the summer season can be filled with doubt and insecurity because we are spending most of our time in fewer clothes, which can heighten body image insecurities. Whether you spend your summer by the pool or at the beach, you may be feeling a lot of pressure around how your body should look. We are here to reassure you that your body looks perfect just the way it is. Even if it seems like a stretch, you are totally capable of embracing your body this summer—no matter your shape or size. But you may be wondering “How?” Don’t worry! We have listed our favorite body positive rules that are life-changing if you implement them.

Whether you have big plans for this summer and you need all the confidence in the world to achieve them, or you’re just looking to embark on your self-love journey and infuse more confidence into your everyday life, these rules will catapult you into body positivity and radiance. So, get ready, because body image issues and insecurities don’t stand a chance against you this summer!

Source: Chic Soul

Speak Kinder Words to Yourself

If you’re looking to build confidence, it all starts with your inner dialogue. When you step in front of the mirror, what do you see? Is the first thing you notice your flaws or the things you would change about your body? If so, next time you step in front of the mirror, point out three things you love about your reflection. You can acknowledge these attributes out loud which gives your positive affirmations more power. 

Don’t get us wrong; this task may seem easy, but it can be a very hard and emotional process. You may struggle to come up with even one thing that you love, but the more you practice positive affirmations while looking at your reflection, the more effective they start to become. Science shows that the more you repeat something the more you believe it. So, if you start your self-love journey anywhere, it should be with positive affirmations.

Prioritize Your Pleasure 

Body positivity is all about centering your wants, needs and acceptance. This summer, do the things that make you feel alive and excited. When you are fulfilling your needs and desires, you will instantly be radiating confidence. 

Fill Your Closet with Clothes You Love

If you need an instant confidence boost—whether for a date night or a fun activity you have planned—the fastest way to confidence is through your favorite full figured fashion. When you look good, you feel good. If you have summer weddings to attend, birthday parties or celebrations like anniversaries and birthdays, we have the perfect dresses in mind for you. Make sure to pack your closet with plus size party dresses that hug your curves and make you feel like a bombshell. For the nights where you have a special date or you’re going out with your girls, these dresses are game-changers for your confidence.

Stop Comparing Your Body to Others

If you find yourself often playing the comparison game, chances are that your confidence could be a little low. Comparison is the enemy of self acceptance. Social media can play a big role in