Fashion and Styling: Reasons why women should wear a watch!

wear a watch

Wristwatches are an excellent accessory. If you’re a fashionista who goes by class, a wristwatch is a must-have for you. With mobile phones taking over the globe and replacing mostly all of our electronic gadgets, a wristwatch is something that it hasn’t been able to replace. You can check out the best women’s watch style options for a wide variety of beautifully picked wristwatches. 

There’s no denying that you can watch time on your smartphone, but for convenience and styling, a person will always choose to wear a wristwatch. We will talk about styling a watch in the later part of this blog, but first, let’s understand the reasons to have a wristwatch. And therefore here are 6 reasons why women should wear a wristwatch.

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1. Convenience is the key! 

While you try saving time by checking it, you also happen to dig into your pocket or purse and pick out your phone, press the power button and then have a look at the time, you save a lot more seconds by just looking at your wrist to know the time. Many times, you aren’t allowed to take in your phone, for example in an examination hall. And sometimes checking your phone time and again during a meeting would just be considered rude. 

So, save a few seconds with a watch on your wrist. 

2. It is an amazing accessory!

Men do not have a lot of options when we talk about accessories. Homage watches are a great savior as they enhance your appearance, a good watch makes a man look smarter. As for women, while not all jewelry goes with your outfit, a wristwatch is a safe option. And anyone who wears time on their wrist is naturally considered to have a better appeal. 

3. Function over the show!

A lot of accessories for example bracelets although are a good show, do not have a function. Wearing a watch just shows your mindset, would you rather fill your wrist with something that only looks good or with something that also serves a function. The kind of watch you wear also speaks a lot about you and your interests. At places where you’re not sure, any normal watch would also be a safe option. 

4. Simplicity at its best!

How often do you pick up your phone to just check the time and end up scrolling through Instagram reels for hours? Sounds familiar? While phones provide you with the ease of carrying multiple gadgets in one, they also distract you from the main purpose. Wearing a watch is simple and efficient. It helps you stay focused on your job without any distractions.

5. Style up with watches!

If you’re someone who loves experimenting, you can experiment with colorful watchbands or chains and whatnot. Watches do also make fashion statements and using a functional tool to style up is one of the best pieces of advice ever! Without going on the high end and making it obvious that you’re dressed up for something important a good-looking watch will speak for itself. The variety opens up a little more for women, check out for options. is the best watch platform, bringing many brands in one space for everyone to discover new watch brands, from designer brands to very unique pieces, with brands like Michael Kors Watches, Olivia Burton Watches, Paul Rich Watches, and many more.

6. Tradition!

A vintage watch on the wrist will speak about the tradition you believe in or wish to carry forward. While a watch that’s passed down the heirloom is more of the one that carries tradition, you can also find one in the store. There’re various easy-to-use websites with complete filters to easily find the perfect watch. And that makes it super easy to find your dream watch. 

Styling up your watch the diva way

  • Formal wear:

Styling up a watch for formal wear should be more about supporting the overall look than making the watch stand out. Hence a slim, black, or brown strapped wristwatch is the one we’d look at. In case you wanna wear a metallic wristwatch, the metallic colors should match the other metallic aspects of the outfit. An evening dress calls for simplicity and hence a watch that doesn’t reflect much but serves the purpose would be the best fit. Business wear would look good with a watch with more details on the face, with hours, minutes, seconds, and perhaps date too. 

  • Minimalistic look:

By minimalistic we also mean monochromatic, meaning a white dress or outfit would look even better when paired with a white strapped and faced watch and a black dress or outfit would go along with darker shades of wristwatches. It goes better with lesser patterns or designs as it keeps the entire look clean and easier to focus on.

  • Casuals:

When it comes to casuals, you go out of the box by every means. You could look at bolder colors but also chains and metals. A multicolored wristband with patterns and designs would be the perfect fit for such occasions where you’d want to stand out with your fashion statement on your wrist without really having to do much. A casual and chic style is what gets reflected here, serving the purpose very simply. 

  • The Fashion diva:

Keeping the tone of the outfit a little low and focusing on the wrist- bold, glitzy, and glam are the types we’d want to look at. Making it obvious, making a statement by the wrist, A glammed dress wouldn’t go along with a watch that’s loud too, a toned-down outfit with a loud speaking watch pairs up well. 

Bottom Line

Watches are important, styling them up and wearing them the right way is even more important. For a wide range of watches do check out women’s watches at our official authorized Watch Store for more than 30 brands that provide an official warranty.

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