How to look amazing online


It seems as if online dating has become one of the defining leisure pursuits of modern times! While the pandemic has closed so many traditional outlets where people would interact – social clubs, bars, nightclubs – this has meant more and more singles are now seeking a relationship online. This was an upward trend long before the 2020 health crisis introduced social distancing and lockdowns, with around one-in-three modern partnerships being initiated ‘virtually.’

Why you should date online

Individuals get into dating online for all sorts of reasons, from the convenience of chatting to potential dates from home (or wherever you might be accessing a smart device) to the wide range of choices. But the popularity of these matchmaking outlets means newcomers signing up to a website will be entering a crowded marketplace. The key to success is ensuring your profile is eye-catching, and you are always courteous when interacting with other members.

Politeness is the key to success online

When you single out a particular person to contact, you won’t be the only one doing so. A key factor to keep in mind is the impression you make. Always aim to stand out from the crowd, so whoever gets in touch with you is inspired to come back to you for further discussion, rather than moving on. One of the best tips of all – humor. Unlike meeting someone in the real world, where there might be some room for mind games or ‘playing it cool,’ in the online atmosphere you need to be direct. So make your suitor laugh! Everyone knows that jokes can save the world! Starting the conversation on, don’t forget about engaging your prospective partner with a lot of good humor.

There’s a time and a place for being serious, once you get to know this person a little better and you begin developing a real rapport. But during your initial contact, when you’re breaking the ice, it’s important to come across as sincere, with a good heart. Being able to laugh at yourself is a crucial part of this. Be self-deprecating, which will give the impression you are prepared to let your guard down and are therefore already at ease with the site user you are getting familiar with, paving the way for a bond to develop.

Send only your real photos

Much as there might be a temptation to scroll back into photo galleries for a far more youthful version of yourself than the one you’re currently peering at in the mirror – don’t. Also, forget about using software such as Photoshop to doctor images in a misguided attempt to remove unseemly wrinkles or the effects of too many takeaway meals and not enough exercise. Honesty is the fundamental building block for romance, so a far better approach would be to upload current photographs. No relationship will last if someone has been posting 10-year old images, only to arrange a liaison and give their prospective partner a shock when someone who looks decidedly less impressive shows up! Being untruthful at this stage of your time together is only going to sow seeds of doubt about your trustworthiness. Another golden tip – rather than trying to look mean and moody in your profile image, show yourself at your friendliest, with an inviting smile. And make sure you’re the center of attention

Good look on a first date

Your dress sense should reflect the venue you’ve agreed for your initial rendezvous. If you’ve gone a little upmarket and are meeting in a nice restaurant, wear something appropriately smart. For bowling alleys, movie theaters, or coffee shops, smart but casual would be perfectly acceptable. Awkward clothes choices – high heels or items you haven’t worn for some time because they’ve become too tight should be avoided. Pay attention to your hairstyle – guys, give that beard good grooming. Top off your eye-catching appearance with a potent perfume or aftershave.

Online dating represents a fantastic opportunity to set your love life in motion. Instead of hanging around offline outlets looking for someone who might fit the bill, you can sign up to a matching website and complete a search form aimed at finding someone suitable. Tailor your parameters according to your tastes, then see what interesting possibilities arise.