Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How to Safely Move Furniture during Your Next Move

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If you are wondering how to safely move furniture during your next move, the best idea is to hire a professional moving company. If you solicit the help of full-service movers, they will take care of everything including disassembling items, loading them onto the truck, transporting them, and unloading them at the destination. However, this can be a little costly. So, if you are on a tight budget, other options are available as well.

The first option is to not get all the services from a moving company. Instead, you should only sign up for the absolutely vital ones. This obviously includes moving bulky furniture. Thus, if you are wondering how to safely move furniture during your next move, this is one of the options. The staff of training companies knows how to handle furniture and they all have all the required tools and equipment to move furniture safely and efficiently. These include commercial sliders, dolly, straps, and blankets. 

However, if your budget company doesn’t allow a moving company, you can consider hiring moving labor to safely move furniture during your next move.  Moving labor is trained to do the heavy lifting and will help you load and unload furniture onto a truck. There are many labor-only companies around and even some moving companies send workers when you don’t require their full assistance. 

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With this option, you will have to rent a truck or container as a labor-only service will only help you load and unload your belongings. The staff knows how to pad and stretch wrap all of your items to make sure they are safe and secure. They also know how to navigate furniture properly in different scenarios such as tight staircases and steep driveways. They will make sure all your belongings are transported efficiently and arrive at your new place safely. 

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Additionally, these companies also provide boxes and moving supplies such as packing paper, tape, markers, bubble wraps, paper pads, and stretch wrap. These companies usually provide boxes in different sizes and also offer special boxes for dishware. Additionally, they also provide inserts to make individual cells inside boxes for fragile items. 

If you want to safely move furniture during your next move yourself, you need to learn the proper way of doing so. First of all, you will have to measure the furniture to determine the dimensions. Next, you will have to measure the doorways and hallways to find out if stuff can be moved without the need for disassembling. Next up, pack everything properly.  If you are taking out things such as drawers, mirrors, and knobs, store them properly. When moving the furniture, use sliders or blanket to ensure the floor doesn’t get scratched up. 

For loading the furniture, you will require wheels and dolly or wagon. When lifting the furniture, make sure you follow the proper techniques to avoid injury. 

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