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Must Haves For Your 2021 Wedding

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While so much of the world has been cancelled since the pandemic began, this doesn’t mean that love has to be one of those. With the right planning and preparation, your wedding can still go on!  You just have to learn to give in and adjust to changes the world is facing right now.

As far as weddings are concerned, there’ll surely be a lot of changes in what’s considered as must-haves for 2021. Amidst the busy days, it can be easy to forget even the most mundane of the wedding essentials.

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You don’t have to stress about them, but do not forget these details. Make your way towards a smoother ‘I Do’ by ensuring that these things are present:

1. Printed Items

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Apart from your save-the-date and wedding invitations, there are also other printed items you must have, including:

  • Program. This will ensure that every attendee can follow the flow of your wedding. They’ll know what to expect next, and they won’t feel confused and lost.
  • Place Card. Especially for this year, all the more that responding to an RSVP has become very important. Place cards are recommended so that only those invited guests will be seated. That way, you can control the number of guests. With place cards, you can also strategically position your guests, such that they’re not too close with one another. These can be elegantly designed on each table, along with your table décor pieces, like flowers. Speaking of flowers, you may learn how to maximize their beauty through the The Bouqs wedding flower guide.
  • Menu. This is given on the wedding day itself, especially if you’re having a plated dinner, rather than a buffet.

2. Hygiene Kits

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To ensure the safety of everyone who’ll come to witness your road to forever, go the extra mile by providing them with their hygiene kits. These can contain the basics of ‘new normal’ weddings: face mask and alcohol.

Yes, your guests are going to come with their own face masks, that’s for sure. But, it’ll also look better in your photos if everyone has the same kind and color of face masks. Think of neutrals, like black and white. You wouldn’t want to see a chaotic combination of blue, white, black, and multicolored masks in your wedding photos, right?

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3. Sanitation And Health Check Stations

Health stations are also a must!  At the entrance of where the ceremony and reception will take place, create a designated health check station. Here, you’ll have an assigned usher to check the temperature of every single guest. While this isn’t a hundred percent assurance that everyone in your guest list is safe, at least, you can rule away those who have fever.

In these health check and sanitation stations, you can also provide more alcohol and water. That way, your guests have no excuse not to keep their hands clean at all times.

4. More Servers

If you’ve planned on having a buffet for your meals, you may have to switch things up a bit. Because weddings in 2021 are more intimate, you may have to consider a plated dinner and a higher number of servers than you initially thought of

Such a setup is encouraged during this time so there’d be less food contamination. If you really can’t have a plated dinner, then, at least, ask your caterer to have one server for every dish. That way, it’s the servers putting the food on your guests’ plates, and not the guests passing around the serving spoons.

5. Quality Photographer

Even if you’re going for an intimate wedding, don’t skimp on the photographer. Given that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, your wedding photos will immortalize such a special day. A professional photographer with top-notch skills can help ensure that everything memorable about your wedding is captured.

6. Wedding Registry

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught couples who are contemplating wedding, it’s that they have to be practical. One very good way for you to achieve it is to have a registry. This can help ensure that the gifts you’ll receive are exactly what you need. You can also avoid having two guests give you the exact same gift.

A trend today with the pandemic is to have an online registry!  Your guests, and even those who can’t physically be there at your wedding, can select gifts from various shopping sites. Then, they’ll automatically be delivered straight to your doorstep.


As you plan your wedding to comply with today’s restrictions, it can be easy to feel a lot of stress and pressure. Wedding planning is already stressful in itself; what more when you add up to it all the requirements brought about by the pandemic?  Through all these changes, the key is to keep things as simple as possible. Don’t let the challenges brought about by the pandemic ruin your plans. 

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