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Rings for Men That Want to Amp Up Their Style

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Male jewelry is a quickly emerging fashion trend. No longer is beautifully crafted accessories restricted and accessible only to women. Jewelry is a great and easy way to elevate any outfit or look. Simply by adding a ring you can take an outfit from boring to trendy and interesting. Mens rings are a great option to start with and can be easily added to any outfit.

So, where do you start?

Choosing the metal

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Although any ring makes a great addition as an accessory there are a lot of choices when it comes to the color. Some of the most popular metals are white, yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum. There are plated options, but over time the plating will deteriorate, leaving you with an ugly looking ring. So, it is better to invest in a good quality metal.

The color that you choose is entirely up to your personal preference. For example, you can simply choose yellow gold because you like the look of that shade on the ring itself, or you can consider other factors. For example, if you often wear a yellow gold watch or belt with yellow gold hardware, then a yellow gold ring is a good option to pull the entire style together. 

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The choice of the metal can also be affected by your skin tone. For example, if you are particularly prone to redness, then choosing a rose gold ring may not be the best option for you as this will highlight the red coloring in your skin. Instead, choosing a cooler tone, such as white gold or platinum will help to combat this.

Overall, keeping this in mind will help to amp up your style.

Choosing the size

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The size of the ring is important for two reasons: comfort and style. Making sure that you do not choose a ring that it too loose on your finger will mean that you do not run the risk of losing it.

On the other hand, if you choose a ring that is too tight, perhaps for fear of losing it, then you may have discomfort due to poor blood circulation in that finger. Also, as your fingers grow with age you may find that you are unable to remove the ring on your own. 

Making sure that you also choose a suitable width of ring for your hand is important. This is because you do not want the ring to overpower your style, but rather enhance it.

Choosing the style

Whether you want a simple ring or a more elaborate design is completely up to you and your personal taste. Even small and subtle designs can greatly improve a ring.

If your personal style is simple and classic then choosing a ring with a design feature is a great way to add a bit more character into your style, where if you are someone who prefers bold and bright prints, then a classic and simple ring will complement this nicely.

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