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Soft Wax vs Hard Wax

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Hair removal techniques include shaving, laser, chemical depilation, creams, and electrolysis. But waxing is the most popular option, and for a good reason. It is rapid and inexpensive; however, if you are new to waxing, you might be overwhelmed with the various terminologies used and how to choose the best wax option.

Before buying hair removal wax, you need to choose between soft and hard wax. Different wax formulas serve different needs, and it is important to select the one that is best for you. Thus, you need to learn the difference between a soft and hard wax, the pros and cons and how they work. 

Hard Wax

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Before getting the home wax kit for hard wax, it is vital to note that it comes into two subcategories: the polymer film hard wax and non-polymer blends. The polymer wax is made using polymer and can be found as tablets and hard wax. The hard polymer wax acts as a buffer on your skin. 

The non-polymer is found in only the tablet form and is made without using resins. Besides, it has a fast setting time compared to the polymer option. But both these options work using the same concept, and if properly used, they will offer you the best results.

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Hard wax works by hardening your skin upon application. Once it dries, you then remove it using your hands. With this waxing option, you will not be required to use any waxing strips, making it gentle on your skin. This waxing option is best suited for those who want to wax their face, underarms, and bikini wax.

Who Is Best Suited For Hard Wax?

Hard wax comes in various varieties; it is easy to get the right formula for your skin. This waxing option can be used by all the normal skin and hair types. It does not matter if you have hypersensitive skin or short hair; the hard wax option will meet your needs.

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How to Use Hard Wax

  • Start by getting the right home wax kit for your skin
  • Clean the skin area you want to wax
  • Apply a pre-wax oil to help in protecting your skin
  • Warm the wax to the right temperature and ensure that it is warm and not hot
  • Use a waxing spatula to apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth
  • Wait for the wax to get hard
  • Pull the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove the ingrown hairs
  • Once you remove the hot wax, apply pressure on the area, this helps to relieve any discomfort

Pros of Hard Wax

  • It is gently on your skin and can be used on sensitive areas like the bikini line and face
  • You do not need to use a strip to remove the ingrown hairs
  • Fewer residues left behind

Cons of Hard Wax

  • If removing unwanted hair on a large area like the legs, the applying and removing of the wax can be time-consuming
  • Since it hardens, it can easily break off before it is ready to be removed
  • You need to warm it before you start applying it to your skin

Soft Wax

The other waxing option you can use is soft wax. Even though hard wax is popular, many people prefer using soft wax since it grabs even the finest hair from the hair root.

When applied to your skin, the soft wax adheres to your skin and hair, which means that a part of the outmost top skin layer comes off with it when removed. Thus, this makes the waxing process painful. 

Unlike hard hot wax that can easily be removed by your hand, soft wax needs a waxing strip to remove the wax from the hair of your skin. In return, it might cause some irritation on your skin. Before getting the home wax kit for soft wax, it is important to note that you should only attempt to wax a given area once with this waxing product. If some hairs remain after waxing, you should not repeat the procedure immediately.

This waxing option is best suited for arms, legs, and back. Avoid using it in sensitive areas like the bikini wax, which is likely to irritate your skin. In addition, do not use it if you have highly sensitive skin.

Who Is Best Suited For Soft Wax?

Soft hot wax should be used by people who have slightly sensitive to thick skin types. This wax is great for all hairs, regardless of how thick or fine it is. This option will envelop the strands of the dead skin layer, and when pulled, it will offer a tight grip each time.

Ho to Use Soft Wax

  • Get the right soft wax product you are planning to use
  • Clean out the area you are planning on waxing
  • Warm the wax to ensure it reaches the required temperature
  • Hold your skin when applying the wax
  • Use a waxing spatula to apply a thin coat of wax
  • Apply using the direction of the hair growth and spread it evenly
  • Apply the waxing strip on the area and rub it on the skin
  • Quickly remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth

Pros of Soft Wax

  • You can apply it on large areas of the body
  • It is less costly than the hard wax
  • It does not break off
  • You can apply it at low temperatures

Cons of Soft Wax

You need to use a strip to remove ingrown hairs

Painful to remove

Can cause skin irritation

It can be harmful to your skin if applied and remove incorrectly

Final Thought

If you are uncertain about the best home wax kit to get between the hard wax and soft wax, note that they are both suitable for home use. The type of wax you get depends on your skin and the area you plan to remove the ingrown hair.

Hard wax is proffered for sensitive areas like bikini wax since it is gentle on the skin ad less painful to remove. On the other hand, soft wax is easy to apply and fast to remove, which is why it is suited for larger areas like your legs and back.

However, before getting a home wax kit, you need to research the product best suits your skin. You can also get lessons from licensed dermatologists on how to best use wax to ensure you get the best outcome. They will teach you the best and effective way that you can use to apply wax in your home.

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