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Telltale Signs that Your Child Needs Glasses

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Your child’s health is one of your main priorities, so you can enjoy the many activities that Sydney has to offer. From national parks to pristine beaches, your beloved town certainly has a lot to offer. However, you cannot enjoy these things if your child is having vision issues. When he or she is struggling to read or see things clearly, then it is high time to take a trip to a Macquarie Centre Optometrist so that you can receive the best quality eye care.

Remember, you must make this a priority because your child’s vision plays a huge role in many other aspects of life, such as habits, school, sports, hobbies, and more. If your child has myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted), or astigmatism, then these issues can even affect his or her confidence level. Read on below to see the telltale signs that your child needs glasses. Recognising these signals means you can do an early intervention to help find an immediate fix to the problem.

Watch Out For Unnecessary Squinting

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If your child keeps on squinting to get a more unobstructed view of an object, then he or she could be suffering from refraction issues. Should the squinting happen when the subject is near, then it is hyperopia. In contrast, if the narrowing of the eyes occurs when the object is far away, then it is myopia. When the eye needs corrective glasses, it is typical for squinting to happen. This habit compensates for your child’s inability to see things clearly.

Keep Tabs on Frequent Bouts with Headache or Nausea

When your child has vision problems, it causes a lot of undue stress because there is extra effort to ensure that objects are brought into their proper focus. Doing this consistently throughout the day is very tiresome. As a result, the tension may cause your kid to experience frequent headaches or nausea. Imagine having to go through those harrowing experiences just to see things well.

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Note If There is a Habit to Cover One Eye

Take note if your child has a habit of covering one eye each time he or she is trying to bring something in to focus. This could easily happen when reading a book, watching TV, or looking at outdoor signs while your family is on the highway. This is a telltale sign of astigmatism, an imbalance, so you need to make an appointment with Lenscrafter in Calgary quickly. Moreover, this could also be a signal for exotropia, which in layman’s terms means extra sensitivity to bright lights.

Look Out For Struggles in Reading

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Reading is one of the harder skills to master. However, if this is extra tough for your child, he or she could be suffering from eye issues. If your kid finds it difficult to read a book, often skipping a page or missing out on lines and words, then he or she could be farsighted. In contrast, if your child is having issues reading signs from afar, then this is a sign of nearsightedness. Usually, your child’s teacher will be able to tell you if there are issues reading the blackboard.

Spot Too Much Eye Rubbing

If your child is rubbing their eyes excessively, but the eyes are not itchy, then this is a huge red flag that there could be an eye problem. Massaging the eyes means trying to ward off eye strain, which could happen as he or she attempts to see clearly. This is also a sign of dryness or allergies, so your kid may need eye drops to keep the eyes lubricated. Your Optometrist will be able to assist you in figuring out the issues.

Final Word

Your child may show one or more of the following issues. If these behaviours impede the normal life of your child, then there’s a chance that he or she requires corrective glass or other therapies. The primary thing you must do when you suspect any eye issue is to make an appointment with Market Mall Eye Clinic for proper diagnosis and the best solution.

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