Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Joy Of Vegetarian Life

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The world has two kinds of people – Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. Well, it’s not about which one is right and which one is wrong. As they say, it’s a personal choice, and we have no authority to point out a finger. The cold war between vegetarians and non-vegetarians is a never-ending one where both sides keep on pitching advantages of their choice and disadvantages of the other one’s. And the battle is so apparent that it happens within a family too.

But being a vegetarian, strictly like hell, I think that the joy of vegetarian life is matchless. Not only it has many health benefits, but it also gives you a feel of divinity inside. Well, have a look around, why we all are forced to wear masks and why the world is in pandemic COVID-19 right now. It’s because of the virus which is believed to be transmitted into humans from the bats. And how do you think it happened? Because people ate bats. And there are lots of different viruses that the world witnessed sadly just because of the inhuman habit of killing and eating the living creatures. Let’s not dive deep into that and pray for the world’s safety.

That look of disappointment on the face of a non-vegetarian when he sees the buffet doesn’t have chicken is worth noticing, and that fully-vegetarian diet for them is boring AF. But that’s where the joy is. Vegetarians diets are more balanced and good for health than non-vegetarian. Non-vegetarian food is rich in protein, omega three and fats but does that makeup for all the nutrients required by your body? Absolutely not. Apart from protein, fats and omega 3, the human body needs plenty of other nutrients. Plant-based foods like pulses, grains, fruits, vegetables and grains are packed with essential nutrients required by the human body. Following a well-balanced vegetarian diet can help you get all the nutrients.

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But when it comes to having cake at parties, non-vegetarians do hold the superiority as most of the cakes include eggs in them. Well, it’s a different fact that there are many vegetarians who don’t think that egg is non-vegetarian, but vegetarians like me can’t stand that and thus compromise on the cravings sometimes. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t savour the deliciousness of cakes. There are many bakeries today which provides 100% eggless cake delivery.

The joy of being vegetarian is that we never feel the guilt of being the reason for the killing of living creatures. The joy is that I will not be answerable to God for my inhuman sins. I mean, how can someone enjoy eating dead animals. Don’t they ever consider the pain and torture that animals go through just to be on their plate? And why the hell there is need a need to eat flesh when the Mother Nature gave us so many other things.

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And I find the countless joy of living a vegetarian life because I know that speechless and innocent animals are not being killed because of me.

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Radhe Gupta
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