Things you have to know about braided wigs


Careful make-up and styling can take years off you. Hairstyle is a crucial part of girls’ looks and a hairstyle that suits you can yield twice the result with half the effort. African girls usually have innate thick and hard-to-clean hair, so they will choose to twist the whole hair into a tight braid, which is convenient to take care of and also looks very neat and beautiful. In today’s African women, the wig has become an indispensable fashion tool for African girls, especially for those who are busy with work or study and want to look more good at dressing and have good fashion taste. Braided wig has become a big fashion trend. Fashion idols and ebony girls like this kind of convenient and affordable wig very much, even popular queen Beyoncé is also a follower of this kind of braided wig. So let’s take a look at several things you have to know about braided wigs.

Braided wig’s advantages:

Why should we choose a braided wig as a necessary product for a daily garment? That’s because braided wigs have many advantages that only your two hands and natural hair can’t do. Let’s take a close look at it.

1、Increase the volume of hair and shape your facial lines.

It usually takes a lot of hair to make a braiding. Some people have less hair quality that difficult to make a pleasing hairstyle, so we can use braided wigs to make up for this defect. At the same time, it’s easy to shape better facial lines after more hair, which can make the face look much smaller and younger. According to wig manufacturers, you can also wear a wig piece with similar color and texture to your hair. Adding it to your hair can increase the amount of hair, make your hair look more layered, and make your facial line looks more beautiful and graceful.



2. It can protect your hair from damage.

There are many kinds of braided locks for girl’s hair. Changing the hairstyle often can change one’s mood, but because of work reasons, such as stage performance, some people need to do different hairstyles so often, such as dyeing different colors or perm, etc., it is easy to damage the hair, but if you use the braided wig to replace it, you can avoid hair damage. And through this way, you can directly use the right hair color and hairstyle, which is very convenient. You don’t need to take care and shape again every time, and can take it down directly after using it, don’t need to spend a lot of time to remove it.

3. Try different hairstyles easily.

Now the wig industry has developed very advanced. There are many popular styles for our customers to choose from. From the different styles of braided wigs, the more popular styles are box braided, Senegalese twisted (Havana twist), spring twisted, passage twisted, dreadlocks, Gypsy locks, faux locks, and so on. On this basis, the technology of wig cap can be divided into place front wig, fake scalp, and headband wigs (wig cap with headband design), which has become a new trend in recent years. We can try a variety of different hairstyles and match with different fashions, so wearing braided wigs is becoming more and more popular.


How to maintain your braided wig and make it look natural 

1.Clean it carefully.

Braided wigs also need careful cleaning and care like our natural hair. The high-quality wig needs more careful care. It is not as casual as washing our hair by ourselves. If the method is wrong, it will damage the shape and hairline of the wig and affect the service life of the wig. Handwoven high-end wigs are carefully crocheted by skilled technicians for tens of days and tens of thousands of times. How to clean braided wigs? What are the precautions? 

Before cleaning, we need to smooth the braids so that they don’t tangle. We should try to avoid using plastic combs, or steel combs, because this will produce too much static electricity, leading to hair easy to knot, and hang hair off.

Then put the wig into warm water (about 20 degrees centigrade is the best, no more than 25 degrees centigrade) for 5-10 minutes. The time should not be too long, and avoid long-time immersion or using high-temperature hot water cleaning as far as possible. Overheated water temperature will easily damage the original curvature and shape of the hair, leading to hair falling off, which will reduce the life of the wig. After all, the raw material of high-end wigs is human hair, not those inferior synthetic wigs.

2.Use special shampoo and multipurpose lotion.

Wigs need appropriate shampoo and hair care products to protect, you can buy some high-quality shampoo and wig care solutions if possible. Add an appropriate amount of shampoo into the water (better if there is a special detergent for high-end wigs), and wash in a gently pressing way. Note: wash by hand, never by washing machine; Do not scrub the wig with force.

3.Dry it in proper placement.

After cleaning in this way, change the water, rinse with clean water to remove excess foam. Then add a complete multipurpose solution into the water, soak the wig for about 10 minutes, and rinse it with clean water. Now it’s time to dry it. Use a soft and dry towel to press the wig dry gently. Note: never screw it by hand or dry it by washing machine.

Finally, put the washed wig on the special bracket for the wig, and put it in the indoor ventilated place to let the wig dry naturally to avoid sun exposure; When the wig is dry to 90%, gently comb it with your hand. The part without braids can be combed gently with a wooden comb.

4.Timely renewal.

Wigs have a lifetime. Wigs will be worn out and even give off a bad odor after the expiration date. Its quality will become very brittle, which makes it easy to mess up or break off. To keep your wig always shinning, we must keep the frequency of changing a wig for at least two years. Proper maintenance can prolong its life.