What to Look Into Before Purchasing a Hair Waver


Hair wavers are styling tools used to create soft, wavy curls. Consisting of flat plates that form an S-shape when heated, the waver can be clamped down on strands of hair for several seconds to form loose, effortless waves. This tool is ideal for those who want loose, beachy waves without the hassle of a curling iron or hot rollers.

Additionally, because wavers come in small sizes, they are perfect for creating tight curls and even ringlets around the face for a more glamorous look. Hair wavers are also great for adding volume and texture to otherwise flat hair. By alternating between large waves and tight curls, you can create a unique and voluminous style that is easy to maintain.

Finally, hair wavers are incredibly versatile and can be used on all types of hair, from fine to thick and straight to curly. Whether you’re looking for soft waves, tight curls or something in between, the hair waver provides endless styling possibilities. With its ability to create beautiful, effortless styles in minutes, a hair waver is a must-have tool for your beauty arsenal.

Hair Waver Types to Choose From

Crimping wands

Crimping wands, also known as crimpers, are a type of hair waver used to create tight, uniform curls and waves. Consisting of two flat plates with ridges that clamp down on strands of hair when heated, these tools provide a more dramatic effect than regular wavers. The ridges in the plates create tiny crimps in the hair which, when combed out, create loose waves and curls.

Deep wavers

Deep wavers are a type of hair waver with larger plates that produce looser curls and waves than other types of wavers. These tools are ideal for creating soft, beachy waves or for adding extra volume to flat hair. The larger plates also help to reduce the amount of time needed to create waves as larger sections of hair can be curled in one go.

Mini wavers

Mini wavers are an ideal tool for those looking to create tight curls and ringlets around the face. With their compact size, mini wavers allow you to target small sections of hair and focus on styling specific areas like the bangs or framing the face. Additionally, their smaller plates ensure more control when styling for a more natural-looking finish.

Triple barrel wavers

Triple barrel wavers are a unique type of hair waver designed to help create even more dramatic, voluminous curls and waves. Featuring three barrels rather than two, these tools provide more surface area for styling, resulting in larger, bouncier curls and waves. Triple barrel wavers also make it easier to create tight ringlets around the face.

Single barrel wavers

A single barrel waver is a simple yet effective styling tool that is used to create beautiful, effortless waves and curls. Featuring one barrel instead of two or three, these tools are perfect for those who want loose, beachy waves or tight ringlets around the face. The single barrel design also makes it easy to curl larger sections of hair in one go.

Interchangeable wavers

Interchangeable wavers are a versatile styling tool that allows you to create an array of different looks. Consisting of two or three interchangeable barrels, these tools provide the user with the ability to switch between different size barrels for a variety of effects. From tight ringlets and big waves to soft curls and even crimps, these wavers are a must-have for any beauty enthusiast.

What to Consider in Choosing the Right Hair Waver

When it comes to choosing the right hair waver for your needs, there are several factors to consider. 

Hair type and desired style

When it comes to choosing the right hair waver for your needs, there are several factors to consider such as hair type and desired style. For those with fine, thin hair, a crimping wand or mini waver is ideal for creating tight curls and ringlets that will last all day. On the other hand, if you have thick, wavy hair and are looking for soft waves or more volume, a deep waver is the way to go.


Your budget is also an important consideration when choosing a hair waver. Generally speaking, higher-end tools tend to be of better quality and offer more features such as infrared technology or adjustable temperature settings. However, if you’re on a tight budget there are some great mid-range options available that still provide excellent results.

Different barrel sizes and shapes

Hair wavers come in a variety of different barrel sizes and shapes, allowing you to achieve different levels of curl and wave. Thin barrel wavers are best for creating tight curls and ringlets, while larger barrels are perfect for achieving soft waves or adding volume to hair. Interchangeable wavers offer the most versatility, with multiple barrels of different sizes allowing you to customize your style. 

Temperature settings and heat protection features

When it comes to temperature settings and heat protection features, many hair wavers come with adjustable temperature settings that allow you to customize the heat level. This is especially important for those with fine or color-treated hair, which may require a lower setting than normal hair. Additionally, some hair wavers feature advanced infrared technology that helps to evenly distribute heat for optimal styling without damaging the hair. 

It is recommended to use a heat protectant spray when using a hair waver to ensure that your hair remains healthy and damage-free.

Looking into user-friendly features 

When selecting a hair waver, it is important to consider the user-friendly features offered. Many modern hair wavers come with features such as adjustable temperature settings and heat protection technology that make styling easier and safer. Adjustable temperature settings allow you to customize the level of heat depending on your hair type, while infrared technology helps to evenly distribute heat for optimal styling without damaging the hair. Additionally, some hair wavers come with cool-touch tips that make them easier to handle and more comfortable to hold.

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of hair wavers and their features, it’s time to find the perfect tool for your beauty arsenal.