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When Is The Best Season To Move?

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Moving is an expensive process that needs a lot of planning and preparation. So, when planning to relocate, you might ask yourself when the best season to move is?

The time of the year you move affects the process in various ways. Even though you might not find one season that fits all your answers, it is good to check the factors that can favor your move. 

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For example, if you are planning to engage NYC commercial movers, the cost of hiring them might be different from one season to another. Hence, if you want to save on moving costs, you might need to look at different seasons. 

To help you make a good decision when relocating, here are the key factors to consider when planning to move. 

Factor to consider when moving

1. Cost

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One of the main factors you need to consider when choosing a season to move is cost. This is because of the cost of moving changes from one season to another. Some seasons are expensive to move while others are a bit cheaper. 

For instance, fewer people tend to move in winter even though it might be cheaper than moving in the summer. According to moving companies, the moving cost might be 30 percent cheaper when moving in winter. 

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However, it is cold, and most people do not like relocating during the cold months. Also, since fewer people move during winter, movers are not busy. 

From mid-September to April, the moving rates are at the lowest. Also, January is one of the cheapest months to relocate. This is because it is an off-month. 

Apart from the season, the day you move can also determine relocating costs. For example, moving on a weekend might be more expensive than moving on weekdays. Also, it is a bit cheaper to move in the middle of the month since the demand for movers is low. 

2. Weather

The next factor that will determine the cost of moving is the weather. So, before you select a season based on the cost, it is important to think about the weather. 

Even though winter is a great time to relocate because it is cheaper, you need to think of the effects of cold weather. You need to protect yourself and your items. 

Hence, you may incur extra costs due to the cold weather. Also, snow or ice on the road can delay when moving your belongings. Apart from the cold weather, moving during summer to areas such as Florida could be ruthless. 

If you are moving with items sensitive to heat or pets, it might not be so cool. Moreover, think of the hurricane season. Therefore, it is important to think about the weather when relocating. 

3. Demand

Another factor that you cannot ignore when relocating is the demand. There are some seasons when the demand for houses is higher than some. 

For instance, the demand for houses is high in the summer than in winter. According to findings, 70 percent of moves happen in the summer. This means moving during summer might be a bit expensive, but you will likely get better deals if you sell your house. 

Since most families love to relocate during summer, be ready to pay more when moving. Therefore, it is a good idea to book in advance if you plan to move in the summer. 

Keep in mind there are pros and cons when moving the demand for movers is high. Even though it all goes down to personal goals and preferences, this is a factor you need to consider before you start planning for the move. 

4. Family and work

Even though it is important to consider the factors above, work and family are things you cannot ignore. You need to plan your move around your obligations. 

For example, if you plan to move with your family, you need to think about your kids’ school. Do you wait until they go for a holiday, or you might need to interrupt their season?

During a school break or in the summer might be a good solution when moving with your family. However, the demand for movers is high, and you may be forced to pay more. 

Therefore, it is important to consider these factors when planning your move. If you are working or have a business, you need to put in all the factors affecting your job. 

5. Hire a professional moving company

When planning for a move, it is essential to engage professionals. A reliable moving company will help you relocate on time and ensure you handle other important tasks on time. 

When you engage a professional company such as NYC movers, you can be assured that they will handle everything professionally. Nevertheless, make sure you book on time, especially when the demand is high. 


When planning to relocate, it might be a challenge to pick a perfect time of the year to move. This is because there are several factors you need to consider before moving. 

But after picking the best season to relocate, it is ideal to hire a full-service moving company to help you pack and move. A moving company offers the best services to ensure you relocate smoothly no matter the season. 

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