Choose different lamps for different places

Choose different lamps for different places
Choose different lamps for different places


The article gives information concerning the lighting aspect of the interior design. The article gives information concerning the lighting aspect of interior design. It is important to be updated with the changing trends in interior designing and you can choose the appropriate lighting accessible at for different places of your abode.

Different types of Lights in the Lighting System

Lamps or lights are crucial in a lighting system where it not only offer efficient lighting but also enhances the beauty of your residence. In fact, it is one of the important factors in interior designing. Proper lighting and right lamps render suitable ambiance to the surrounding. The color and luminosity of lamps can generate wonder.

What are the different types of Lighting?

Generally, lighting is of three types:

  • General lighting: normally seen in places like home interiors and hotel interiors. This is also known as ambient lighting. In order to create a warm atmosphere in the place, this lighting uses up-lights and down-lights.
  • Task Lighting: used in professional interiors like office spaces or workspaces. The lamps used here are at least three times brighter than those used in the general lighting.
  • Accent Lighting: accent lighting requires intensity and brilliance. This mode of lighting uses halogen lights. The purpose of accent lighting is to highlight the architectural elements of the interior.

While choosing the right light for your space, functionality is essential and functionality is depended on the efficiency, costs, and purpose of the lamps. Different places require different lighting and hence different lamps. Even in a residence, the lamps used in the living room would not be the same as used in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Certain factors should be taken into account while selecting lamps for different places.

  • Colour: Dark colors make the room smaller than it is and light shades make the room seem bigger and spacious. The coloring also affects the flooring as well.
  • Direction: lighting fills the empty spaces in the room to highlight certain elements and direction of lighting is significant here. Chandeliers or table lamps are used to foreground some elements and can utilize the space efficiently.
  • Intensity: It helps in setting the mood. This factor is considered along with the purpose of the room on which the intensity of the light is determined.

Different places use different lamps according to the demands and functions of the place. In the lighting system, there are different kinds of lamps specifically used in some places. The choice of lamps may differ from person to person. However, perfection and efficiency are wanted by all consumers.

Some of the lamps commonly used in the interior décor are:

Antique Hurricane lamps – Give Classic Touch and Resilient Nature

In human history, hurricane lamps or oil lamps have an honorable place. Lighting a hurricane lamp illuminates history in your dwelling. The earlier form of hurricane lamp was invented in 1780. In the 18th and 19th centuries, these lamps were widely used in ships, transatlantic voyages and in civil wars. In the modern era, with the prevalence of electricity people hardly used or lit a hurricane lamp. However, hurricane lamps are used to give an antique touch to the home.

Small and Beautiful Buffet Lamps – Attract the eyes

In the interior designing buffet lamps is a unique twist on classic beauty. Buffet lamps are a form of table lamps, attractive in pairs. Normally they are tall and slender and is used often on a dresser. The character and usefulness of these lamps depend on the need of the environment. With narrow and smaller shades buffet lamps focus light down. They look elegant and traditional. The ideal location of buffet lamps is a dining table or a console table to add ambiance.

Serene Bedroom lamps – For the pleasant mode and happiness

Each person has their own concepts on how should be his/her bedroom. A bedroom is a place with a tranquil atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe. It must be a relaxing and inviting space. Soft lighting lamps are most suitable to use as bedroom lamps so that a serene atmosphere is provided. Few types of bedroom lighting that a person can choose to make it a cheerful sanctuary are:

  • Bedside Lamps

Using bedside lamps you can keep a classy touch to your bedroom. The lamps will provide tenuous, soft light enough for reading. Opted for their simple looks, these are easy to use and provide an intimate atmosphere.

  • Pendant Lights

The most commonly used bedroom lamps. They can entirely change the atmosphere of the bedroom by adding drama. They can be either simple or glamorous with a strong sense of style.

  • Sconces

Add style and elegance to the bedroom. Though they are largely used in formal areas and commercial spaces, they are regarded as a great option for bedrooms as it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Stylish and original Modern Floor Lamps in a Variant Manner

The designs, style and even structural aspects of floor lamps have changed over the years. The choice for these lamps depends on style, flexibility, and quality. The modern floor lamps come in innumerable shapes and sizes. With ambient light, floor lamps produce an intimate setting and can be used in different corners depending on the purpose as well as decorative functions in various places.

These lamps are made up of different materials and are covered with delicately designed shades. They come in various patterns according to the contemporary changes happened in lifestyles and trends. These lamps have high illuminating power and can be used according to the aesthetic and functional effects. Some of the trending floor lamps of the contemporary period are:

  • Bananas Lamp

The lamp looks like a banana tree. Made with a circular marble base and hand-turned brass leaves, the bananas lamp is impressive and attractive.

  • Inaho

The magical floor lamp which has LED inside the perforated tubes attached to narrow stems.  When someone is passing away the sensor inside it will detect and the stems begin to sway.

  • Duke

Made with an elegant design to provide perfect lighting at a perfect angle.

Simple and Exquisite Living Room Lamps for a Lively atmosphere

Living rooms are the most trafficking area in your residence. They are used several different purposes including entertainment and holding discussions. Hence lighting for living rooms should be appropriate for the space to look great, at the same time accommodates all the events that took place there. Some of the suitable living room lamps are:

  • Table Lamps

It is good to have some table lamps throughout the room to provide task lighting.

  • Wall Sconces

To add a little ambient light to the living room, wall sconces are a greater choice.


The pleasant atmosphere in your residence is contributed largely by the lighting system. Lighting is not only to provide light, but its importance is there in changing our mood and even attracting people to our residences. The importance of selecting various lamps according to the needs of the place is reflected in the changing trends of interior decoration which not only focus on the beauty but also in the efficiency. A lamp will be a living space in your home. It influences you in every aspect. Thus, make the living space lively through careful selection and maintenance.

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The article provides you with the information required to buy suitable lamps for your rooms. The changing trends and fashion styles are also becoming essential in interior decoration. The details considering the upcoming trends in the lighting system will be provided for you so that you can always choose the best option. For further queries, you can contact us. The services will be there for you at any time. Now it is the time to think and choose, without avoiding your concepts for a better home shedding light to new dreams.