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Focus on names that come from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. All of them have venerated throughout the centuries their own deities; gods and goddesses that made sense of natural phenomena difficult to explain and that protected people from their great fears. The gods related to each other as humans, loving and hating each other.

Let’s see what the main Greek, Roman and Egyptian goddesses were called and what and who they protected. When choosing the name of your baby, some parents are clear, but others have not yet decided. You can get Names That Mean Goddess. Well, here we have many proper names, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings vary according to sources and interpretations.

Are you going to be a girl mom or dad soon and it is time to take care of the choice of name? because the selection is huge: there are many names for girls. When deciding which name you could choose for your daughter, a look at the meaning is all the more helpful.

Goddess Names For Girls

Aphrodite. Goddess of love and beauty, she was believed to have been born from the foam of the sea. She was married to the god Hephaeus, although she was never faithful to her husband and had different love stories, including her relationship with Ares, god of war.

  • Amphitrite. Considered the queen of the sea to be married to Poseidon, god of the ocean.
  • Mugwort . Artemis is the goddess of hunting, forest, births and virginity.
  • Athena. Born from the head of Zeus, god of the gods, Athena is considered the goddess of wisdom, science, justice and civilization.
  • Auraa This beautiful name refers to the goddess of the breeze and fresh air.
  • Circe. She was a very popular goddess in ancient Greece, related to magic.
  • Demeter. Daughter of Chrono and Rea, she is the goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature and the annual seasons.
  • Eris. Goddess of discord and confrontation.
  • Styx. Goddess of the Styx river, in which the gods made their oaths.
  • Harmony. Goddess of concord and harmony.
  • Hecate . Goddess of magic, witches and crossroads.
  • Hera. Queen of the gods being the wife of Zeus, Hera considered herself the protector of family and marriage.
  • Hestia. Goddess of the home, order and family.
  • Ilitía. Iris. Personification of the rainbow and messenger of Olympus.
  • Nemesis. Goddess of retribution, balance and revenge.
  • Niké. Goddess of victory.
  • Nix. Goddess of the night.
  • Persephone. Queen of the underworld as the woman of Hades, god of hell.
  • Selene . Nice name that refers to the goddess of the moon.

Roman goddess names

The gods of Greek mythology were adopted by the Romans when they took over Ancient Greece, but their names were changed for the Goddess baby Names. Let’s see the equivalence of the names of the Roman goddesses with the Greek: You can find Goddess Names For Boys

  • Ceres. Its equivalent in Greek mythology is Demeter.
  • Diana. Its equivalent in Greek mythology is Artemis
  • Juno. Its equivalent in Greek mythology is Hera.
  • Minerva. Its equivalent in Greek mythology is Athena.
  • Venus. Its equivalent in Greek mythology is Aphrodite.
  • Vesta. Its equivalent in Greek mythology is Hestia.
  • Egyptian goddess names
  • Amonet. One of the main goddesses of Ancient Egypt, who wore a red crown and carried a roll of papyrus in her hands. Its name means “the hidden one”.
  • Anuket. Goddess of the Nile River also known as Anaka or Anqet. Her sacred animal was the gazelle and her name means “the hugger”.
  • Bastet She was depicted as a protective goddess in the shape of a cat.
  • Hathor. It was one of the most important and revered deities of Ancient Egypt.
  • Heket. Goddess of fertility, represented in the shape of a toad.
  • Isis. Important goddess of Ancient Egypt, whose worship spread throughout the Roman Empire. Considered the ideal mother and wife, as well as the mother of nature and magic. Its name means “throne”.
  • Iusaaset or Iusaas. Goddess considered as the grandmother of all deities.
  • Qebehut. Goddess considered as the personification of the liquid to embalm.
  • Maat. Goddess who embodied the concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality and justice.
  • Mafdet. Protective Egyptian goddess against snakes and scorpions. It also protected the tombs of the pharaohs and other sacred places.
  • Meheturet. Goddess of heaven depicted as a cow with a sun disc between her horns.
  • Mut. Goddess whose name translates as “mother”, associated with the waters from which all things arose.
  • Neftis or Nebthet. Protective deity that symbolizes death, opposite to Isis that symbolizes life.
  • Seshat. Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing. She was seen as a scribe and her name literally means “the one who writes.”
  • Sekhmet. Her name means “the mighty” and she is a warrior goddess and goddess of healing. You have. Protective divinity that represents childbirth and fertility. Her name means “the big one” and she is represented as a hippopotamus.
  • Tefnut. Goddess who represents dew and rain.
  • Uadyet. Goddess considered as the patron saint and protector of lower Egypt.

The Viking pantheon also included a significant female presence. Therefore, we have compiled a list of names of the most important Viking goddesses.

Name Meaning
Aadhavan As brilliant as the sun.
aavartanah The unseen dynamism
Abhima Destroyer of fear.
Abhoo Unborn
Achyutam One who will never perish.
Adbhuta The one who is wonderful or astonishing
Adeep Light or Light of Lord Vishnu
Adhrit One who does not require support but supports others.
Adwith One who is most powerful.
Agnija One who is born out of the fire.
Ajan The Unborn
Ajeya One who cannot be Conquered
Akshar Everlasting; immortal; one who cannot be destroyed.
Amitash Omnipresent, One who has sacred marks
Amogh One who performs everything with a purpose.
Amritaya One who will never die.
Amurti All Prevading, Incorporeal
Anagh Unblemished and virtuous, One who has not commited any sin
Anand Pure bliss; happiness.
Anantajit Someone who is always victorious.
Ananth One which is endless.
Anay Having no leader.
Anil Air
Animish One who knows everything.
Aniruddh Unrestrained, unstoppable.
Anish Supreme,Punctual
Anvith One who bridges the gap.
Archisman Resplendent; radiant.
Ari Inner Skin, Brave, Lion, Eagle
Arkah Someone who is in the guise of the sun.
Arnav As vast as an ocean.
Arthah Revered by all.
Arvind One who has lotus-like eyes.
Asan  Lord Vishnu, Vault, Easy
Ashok Sorrowless.
Ashrith Someone who is always eager and ready to help.
Ashvattas The tree of life; Banyan tree.
Atulya The incomparable one.
Avyan Someone who is flawless and unmarred.
Badri Old,Rain that Falls before Winter, Fullness of the Moon, One who Took Part in the Battle of Badr
Bali A mighty warrior, Brave, Powerful, Strength, Offering
Bhanu Bright as the sun.
Bhavesh One who rules the world.
Bhudhav Bhu – Earth, Dhav – Lord
Bhuvanesh Lord of the Universe; Lord of the Earth;The Lord of the World
Bishnu The Protector
Chiranjeevi One who will never die; the immortal one.
Daksh Smart one; competent.
Devarshee Teacher of the god, A God likes a saint
Devesh Revered by the Devas; Lord of all the Gods.
Dhananjay One who Wins Wealth
Dhruv The one who never changes amidst everything that is changing.
Durjay One who cannot be conquered or defeated.
Durlabh One which is rare.
Eeshvara Someone who can do anything all by himself.
Eha In this place, Here, Now, At this time
Gahan Sky
Govind One who protects and guards cows.
Hari One who destroys.
Hemang Having a golden and shimmery body.
Hrishikesh God of the senses.
Inesa A Strong King, pure, chaste, holy, sacred, purifying
Inesh One who is the ruler of all; a powerful and strong ruler.
Iresh The Lord of the Earth.
Jayant Always the victorious one.
Jina To live
Jisnu Victorious,
Jyesth The eldest.
Kanil One who cannot be destroyed.
Keshav One who has long hair; one who has killed Keshi, the demon.
Kumud A Lotus, Joy of the Earth, Water lily
Lathik Very Powerful
Madhav Goddess Mahalakshmi’s husband.
Madhava Sweet like honey
Madhu Honey.
Madhusudan The one who killed the demon Madhu.
Mahil One who has the quality of being warm, affectionate, gentle and considerate.
Manohar One who wins over the mind.
Mokshith The liberated; one who has attained moksha.
Mukund The one who liberates.
Namish Well-mannered, respectful, polite.
Nand One who is liberated from all worldly pleasures.
Narayan The abode of all human beings.
Nikesh The saviour; someone who is not finite.
Nimish In no time; at the moment.
Ojas Vigour.
Paarthiv Son of the earth, Brave, Prince of earth, Earthly
Pawan Air; wind.
Prabhootas One who is always full.
Pradyuman Someone extremely wealthy.
prajaapatih The Lord of all creatures
Pranshu Tall, High
Prathit One who exists permeating everything.
Pushkara One with lotus-like eyes.
Rakshan One who protects.
Ram God; Supreme spirit
Reyaansh The first rays of the Sun.
Rishik One who is full of knowledge; the rays of the Sun.
Rivaansh A strong desire to succeed.
Rudra One who makes everyone cry.
Sahashrajit One who defeats everyone.
Sameeran One who efficiently manages and is responsible for the running of all living creatures.
Sarvaadih The beginning of all
Sarvah The only one.
Sarveshwar One who controls everyone.
Satkrit The loved one.
Satyah The truth
Sharvas The auspicious, fortunate one
Shatrughan Destroyer of enemies.
Shauri Brave
Shivah One who is forever pure.
Shresth The best one
Shrish The Lord of wealth and prosperity.
Shrivas One who lives with Shree (Goddess Lakshmi).
Shrivatsa The lover of Goddess Lakshmi.
Sourish The Lord of the Suras or Devas
Sriyaan Being sensible; riches.
Stavya Someone who is praiseworthy.
Subhekshan A very favourable gaze.
Subhuj One with elegant arms.
Suhrit One who is a friend to everyone.
Sulabh Always and anywhere available.
Sumukh One whose face is charming.
Suranand Giving immense happiness.
Suvrata One who has taken the most fortunate and favourable forms.
Suyati One who has controlled his passions, Epithet of Vishnu
Trijosh One who is positively minded; a person who is full of positive energy and new ideas.
Trilokesh King of all the three worlds.
Urjit He who has a lot of energy.
Vaidyah The greatest doctor.
Varish Sleeping on the ocean;
Varun The Sun.
Vasu Invaluable; exquisite; someone who is rich and has a lot of wealth.
Vatsal Someone who is very affectionate.
Veer The brave one.
Vidhu Intelligent
Vikram An expert; having mastery.
Vilakshan Someone who is the best; the unusual.
Vineet Having great knowledge; someone who is well-mannered and courteous.
Viraj Magnificient and splendid; splendour; courageous.
Vishaal Very great
Visham One who is equal to none.
Vishisht One who surpasses all because of his glory.
Vishruth A person who is famous and well known.
vishvakarmaa The creator of the universe
Vishvam The Lord of the universe; ruler; the greatest.
Vitthal One who bestows prosperity.

Maybe you want to tell a Baby Goddess Names? Is there an important family tradition that needs to be followed? Or have you already decided on a letter with which the first name for your girl should begin? In the list you will definitely find a lot of baby names for girls in alphabetical order. So that you also know what is behind the names, we also have the explanation of the meaning and origin of each name ready. No matter which name you choose for your daughter