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Generate the Amazing Name of the Your Stardew Farm

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“Farmeo” video games are very fashionable nowadays. Games where we are presented with a great world and we have to collect elements to improve our equipment, base, etc

It is a mechanic that probably requires a lot of time and is usually quite relaxing. The farming term comes from “farm”, and from the first games that remember with this theme we have the Harvest Moon franchise (now known as Story of Seasons ), where we basically have to deal with a farm and everything that it entails: planting vegetables, caring for animals, fixing structures, making profits, not being too exhausted, etc. But Harvest Moon is not the protagonist of this text; it is stardew valley, a title that takes the basic concepts of Harvest Moon and expands them.

The first thing we should do in Stardew Valley is create our pixelated avatar. The editor offers a series of options very in the style of Terraria, that is, that we will be able to represent any type of character well. Also in this editor we must choose between several different types of farms: the standard one, the one that offers more forests, more lakes… Once this is done, we can see the introduction that the story presents us. The protagonist is tired of working in the city, and remembers the letter his grandfather left him. This letter informs us that we have inherited a farm in the Stardew Valley,

You can get the eye catching and unique Stardew Valley Forest Farm Names from the name generator.

As soon as we reach the town, the carpenter and the mayor welcome us and show us the farm, which initially is a cabin surrounded by stones, trees, grass … We are going to have a lot of work to clean the area and enable the land so we can plant vegetables! That in fact is our first objective when it comes to building our ideal farm. It is important to clarify that this type of games invites us to think well before where we are going to build everything and place the elements. When we already have a general idea of ​​what we are going to do, we can start small. But the cleaning as soon as we start is not taken away by anyone.

In order to carry out this task (and the others), we have a toolbar ─as in Minecraft and the like─ where we can choose, to give an example, the ax, and with it start cutting down trees that can disturb. Or the beak to destroy rocks, and so on. Each task has its proper tool and also its specific process. If we want to plant vegetables, we must clean the soil, take care of it and fertilize it before planting the seeds. And of course later we will have to monitor and care for these seeds so that they grow and give benefits. Everything we think can give us money we can put in a box next to the cabin.

In addition, the effort of what we are doing will consume energy, and if we stay at zero, we will immediately return to bed without being able to do anything else. So it is vital to think about what we are going to do throughout the day to avoid falling tired. The same can be said of the weather, which is happening little by little, but once the night comes little more can be done. The game calendar is divided into four months of 28 days each, each month representing a different season. In this way, we gain speed when it comes to seeing what we can or cannot plant or, simply, what we can do each month.

Stardew Valley itself has no ultimate goal. After a while, the state of the farm is evaluated, but later we can continue adding animals, more plantations … We can continue at whatever pace we want. Apart from everything related to the farm, we also have a town with its inhabitants and services. If we need to buy things, we have the possibility of going to the different stores that are there, as well as talking to other inhabitants. It is also possible to help the villagers with different sidequests, and even establish relationships with some of them … which can end in marriage! In this regard, the game is very reminiscent of Animal Crossing .

You can choose Stardew Valley Forest Farm Names from name generator.

Not only can we be on the farm and doing the classic daily activities, which are not few, but we can also fish whenever we find a water area. Or even digging metals and minerals in mines. In these places it is probable that we will find dangerous creatures, with which we must fight. If in those cases we lose all health, we will lose part of our money and objects. Of course, in this relaxed adventure we will also be able to craft, cook, etc.

All this is presented to us in Stardew Valley with pixel art that takes us directly to the Super Nintendo era . The graphic section is very beautiful, starting with the mapping, where all the elements (grass, bushes, trees, animals, rocks, water …) are very, very well represented. Special mention to the character design, that despite being small and in 2D you can perfectly appreciate their different faces and reactions, very reminiscent of titles like Final Fantasy VI . It is quite clear that visually the ensemble is very worked, and above all done with a lot of passion and love for the genre.

For its part, the music and sound effects offer us the typical images of these games: very relaxing melodies and fx to carry day-to-day work on the farm well. One of the few flaws that can be put to Stardew Valley is that it is completely in English – at least the Xbox One version on which we are making this text, since on PC and PS4 we know that it was updated relatively little incorporating ─, and that can make it difficult to understand certain aspects of the game. Obviously, who knows the language is not going to have any problem, but it would have been great a translation as the canons send.

  • Black Hollow Farm.
  • Robinwood Farm.
  • Nightfall Farm.
  • Meadow grove Farm.
  • Eastwood Farm.
  • Old Stone Farm.
  • High Valey Farm.
  • Precious Stone Farm.


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