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Pay attention to simple spelling

Once the first name has been assigned, it accompanies us for a lifetime. Don’t make it difficult for your child and choose a fantasy surname with a simple spelling. This avoids misunderstandings and mocking remarks in everyday life. For example, French names usually sound great but are spelled or pronounced incorrectly by many people (e.g. Roger or Madeleine).

First and last name should form a unit

Your child’s first name should go well with the last name. This applies to the pronunciation as well as the typeface and the sound. No exotic first name matches a typical German name like Müller or Schmidt. Exceptions are pairs of parents, some of whom come from abroad. But here, too, first names can be found that fit both cultures.

Always choose the last name in short

Make sure your girl’s or boy’s first name is chosen in full form. Pet forms or nicknames are often used automatically in everyday life. For names that are now also established in short form, such as B. Gaby instead of Gabriele, you can easily choose the short form.

Pay attention to the sounds in the first and last name

To ensure fluent pronunciation, the last sound of the first name should not be the same letter that the last name begins with. The first name should not end in -an if the last name begins with an A. In addition, there should not be too many identical vowels.

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Choose a short first name with a long last name

If you have a long last name yourself, you should choose a short first name for your child (with short last names, however, a long first name works very well). This also has the advantage that the name also fits into the box provided for printed forms.

Avoid rhymes

If possible, avoid first names that rhyme with the last name. Combinations like Hans Schanz or Simone Limone quickly look ridiculous and can put the child in embarrassing situations, especially when they are young.

You have the free choice of name, as an expectant mother or father; you have free choice of names for your child. However, there are restrictions if the child’s name is against good taste or the child is ridiculous. What else you need to look out for can be found on our website, e.g. B. in the heading First Name Law. The birth of your child must be registered with the registry office within a week, but the name can be registered up to four weeks after the birth.

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Choose a suitable last name

If you already have one or more children, make sure that the first name of the new entry matches the other names. It can be nice if all sibling names have a similar syllable length or come from a similar name group (modern, classic, old).

The first name and the further first names plus the surname must be given in official letters. All without exception!

It can quickly get tight on a form when Franziska Clarissa Mathilde Hocken berger writes her name at the employment office or on the bank. But even with short first and last names it can be problematic: Tim King (double penalty, the name sounds jagged and rhymes too), Liz Liv Lang is not much better either. So you see, it is essential to also consider the last name in the considerations.