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Get name idea for computers companies

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Thinking about the correct name of a company is complicated. It is a whole process in which, sometimes, you need tools to help you visualize what you are looking for and / or the support of others to brainstorm. Remember that the great result will be the brand that will represent you in the market.

Building the perfect name in easy steps

To start doing this process, it is necessary before describing certain activities that will make it easier for you to understand the perfect name for your business, first knowing and using the concept of the company’s activity, knowing your own goals, and from there starting and start with brainstorming. Below we will show you these easy steps in which we explain how to create an original name for a computer company.

1. Describe the activities of the company

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Know in-depth the activities that your company will carry out, the services it will provide, the values that represent it and its work philosophy. Knowing the activities of your company will make you simplify and reduce your activity in concepts that you will use later to find the correct computer name.

2. What do you want to achieve?

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Now that you fully know the activities that your company carries out, ask yourself what you want to achieve with it. This will help you visualize everything you want to achieve in the future and translate it into ideas that will later help you define the identity of your company and the logo that will have the name of your brand.

3. What emotions do you want to awaken?

It is important to ask yourself what emotions you hope to arouse in your potential customers when they hear your name and to what feeling or characteristic your business can be associated. Explain what you want that brand to evoke, that is, how you want to be remembered.

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4. Brainstorm

Now it only remains to brainstorm with your team to find the computer company name with help of computer name generator that represents all of the above; that is according to your philosophy as a company and that is a reference in your sector. For this it is important that you take into account the following aspects when carrying out this brainstorming.

• Find a name that is free: It is important to think of original names that are free, that are not registered as trademarks, or that your IP is busy. This will also serve to discard all those names of which you have doubts.

• Analyze your competition: Check what names your competition uses and study if these names are functional for them; it is not about copying but to get ideas as to how they could reflect what they were looking for.

• Think short names: Make sure that the computers brand names you think of for your brand are short.

• Try to choose pronounceable names: Always consider this option and your brand will succeed quickly. If you have doubts at this point, ask other people (other than those who brainstorm) to read and pronounce the chosen word over and over again without explaining how the word should be pronounced. If this exercise is carried out successfully, this word will do its job.

• Make it difficult to copy: Make the name unlike any other name. Seeks that it is original above all.

• Avoid obvious names: Avoid that the name you chose is too explanatory; if it is too obvious it will not cause any impact on the viewer.

• Avoid the use of characters that can cause confusion: Avoid using some special characters mixed with numbers, these are sometimes difficult to understand and therefore difficult to position in the minds of consumers.

Now that you are clear about the tips to get a good name, the following considerations can help you perfect and get even closer to what you want and you want to convey with the name of your company.


Computer business name ideas

  • Neo Supply Computers.
  • Compute Yourself.
  • MasterTech.
  • Compify.
  • IT Serv.
  • Boss Comp Co.
  • FullPower Comp.
  • Freedom Digital Computers.
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