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Idea how to choose name for digital company

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The translation of the term “naming” means to name. In the area of business communication, we would be talking about a set of techniques used to develop and create names for products, services, companies, events or a project in general, with the aim of differentiating it from the rest to obtain a good positioning.

Remember that every name generates in the user a mental portrait; therefore, we must take into account that the image or sound it has will attribute specific characteristics.

A relevant aspect is to foresee where the brand is going to be implemented, which sector, country, target audience or type of buyer person.

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You must try to have a language through certain criteria and strategic communication objectives in order to achieve, give positive value to the brand.

What is the importance of naming for digital marketing company?

Digital marketing company name ideas has different types of strategies that will facilitate the work of brand management with the aim of making it known and remembered consciously and unconsciously in the minds of consumers:

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• Analysis of external and internal factors;

• identify the market share that is planned to obtain;

• analyze the target audience of your brand;

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In this way, names for digital marketing company allow us to disagree on the differentiating attributes that make us original according to the competition.

The use of these techniques will reduce the margin of error on how it will be perceived by consumers when launching our project on the market.

Company name Country/region of headquarters
Accenture Ireland
Acer Taiwan
Adobe United States of America
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) United States of America
Advantest Japan
Akamai Technologies United States of America
Alphabet United States of America
Amazon United States of America
Amdocs United States of America
Analog Devices United States of America
Apple United States of America
Applied Materials United States of America
ARRIS International United States of America
ASE Group Taiwan
ASM Pacific Technology Hong Kong
ASUS Taiwan
Atos France
Autodesk United States of America
CA Technologies United States of America
Canon Japan
Capgemini France
Celestica Canada
CGI Canada
Cisco United States of America
Cognizant United States of America
CommScope United States of America
Computacenter United Kingdom
Computershare Australia
dormakaba Switzerland
DXC Technology United States of America
eBay Inc. United States of America
Ericsson Sweden
Facebook United States of America
Fujikura Ltd. Japan
Fujitsu Ltd. Japan
Gemalto Netherlands
HCL Technologies Ltd. India
Hewlett Packard Enterprise United States of America
HP United States of America
IBM United States of America
Infineon Technologies Germany
Infosys India
Intel United States of America
Intuit United States of America
Lam Research United States of America
Leidos United States of America
Lenovo China
LG Electronics Korea; Republic (S. Korea)
LITE-ON Technology Taiwan
ManTech International Corporation United States of America
Mastercard United States of America
Micron Technology United States of America
Microsoft United States of America
Motorola Solutions United States of America
Nanya Technology Taiwan
National Instruments United States of America
NCR Corporation United States of America
NEC Japan
Nokia Finland
Nvidia United States of America
NXP Semiconductors Netherlands
OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Japan
ON Semiconductor United States of America
Oracle United States of America
PEGATRON Corporation Taiwan
Powertech Technology Inc. Taiwan
Qisda Corporation Taiwan
Qualcomm United States of America
Quanta Computer Taiwan
Renesas Electronics Corporation Japan
ROHM Japan
Salesforce United States of America
Samsung Electronics Korea; Republic (S. Korea)
SAP Germany
Seiko Epson Corporation Japan
Sharp Corporation Japan
Siliconware Precision Industries Ltd. (SPIL) Taiwan
SK Hynix Inc. Korea; Republic (S. Korea)
SONY Japan
Sopra Steria France
STMicroelectronics Switzerland
Symantec Corporation United States of America
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC) Taiwan
Tata Consultancy Services India
Tech Mahindra India
Tencent China
Teradata United States of America
Texas Instruments United States of America
Tieto Finland
Tokyo Electron Japan
Total System Services (TSYS) United States of America
Unisys United States of America
United Microelectronics Corporation Taiwan
VMware United States of America
Wipro India
Wistron Corporation Taiwan
Workday United States of America
Xerox Corporation United States of America
ZTE Corporation China

9 essential characteristics to develop your digital marketing brand name

To choose a name that describes your competitive advantage, it is recommended to consider the following factors regarding digital company names ideas:

1. Ability to cause impact

You should seek that the name has something particular with a unique, striking and different touch from the others.

In this way, you would be avoiding a very serious mistake, proposing a name similar to another to find that the consumer gets confused and falls into your brand by chance.

Being original and not cheating on your potential or potential customers will be the first step in determining the success of your marketing strategy.

2. Brevity and conciseness

The name has to express the idea with few and adequate words to make it easier to remember. For example, Nike, Facebook , Instagram. They are short and quickly enter the consumer’s mind.

3. Ease of writing and pronunciation

In this step, you must have studied in depth the target audience to whom you are going to direct the action so that you write as they think and generate a number of leads with the fact that they feel identified.

4. How nice does it sound?

For digital marketing agency name ideas, it is essential that the brand has a pleasant name to how it will hear the advertising you plan to do in the future.

It is necessary to take advantage of the benefits of the sense of hearing , which increase mutual trust, promote calm, limit errors and thus increase productivity.

5. Message you transmit

If possible, we must find a name that, in some way, conveys what our brand wants to communicate, but that does not say everything it is going to do, we must leave some expectation so that it has a better effect.

6. Ease of remembering

Taking into account the previous steps, the direct effect should be that people have memory about your brand name and associate it with its value.

The restoration of ideas will be made from all the material preserved about your brand that you have made known to the consumer, whether it is its differentiation from the rest, its brevity, what is pleasant to the ear and its way of being transmitted.

7. Innovation

Trying to innovate or look for a trend and move away from the traditional, is a good technique for your brand name to achieve its goal.

For this reason, it is necessary to keep updated with the names of the new companies or projects – of the same category – that are being developed lately, to try to see which the approach that is being managed is.

In this way, you can guide yourself and create the most effective and correct name, which will give your brand an exceptional name that will increase the chances of success.

8. Possibility of using acronyms

Acronyms are the initials of a series of words that form a new word, in this way, it will be easier to convey a more complete idea, but in a more summarized way.

9. References from other languages

This is a widely used technique, since there is no more endless flow of words than searching in another language.

Using translation tools you can listen to the pronunciation of the name you want to use in any language.

Some business name suggestion:

  • Digibiz
  • Screen Time
  • Digitime
  • Digitize
  • Digital Data
  • Digidata
  • Winning Widgets
  • Tap Into Apps
  • Digital
  • Developers
  • Download Digital
  • Digital Distributors
  • Digital Dynasty
  • Tool Kit Digital
  • Appy Digital
  • Handheld Help
  • Tap Into Digital
  • Digitize Design
  • Handheld Digital
  • Digiapp
  • Develop Digital
  • Digital Daredevil
  • Pocket Pros
  • Digit Widget
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