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Know the Best Name of angels

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For many parents, the choice of a name for a newbornangel becomes an easy task. Mothers and fathers watch the holy days, remember the names of their grandparents … But the main thing in choosing a name is to determine the heavenly guardian, the intercessor of the child, and not to select the name according to the church calendar.

You can choose a heavenly protector and call a child by his name, regardless of the church calendar.

– Often parents call their child, and then they look for an intercessor, check if there is any saint with that name. But first, on the contrary, it is better to choose a saint to whom you pray more, which you like, to which the heart lies more. And call your child his name. And it is not at all necessary that the day of remembrance of this saint according to the church calendar should be in the same numbers in which the child was born, but nowadays, people can get biblical angel names through name generator.

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Commemoration of the saint, whose name was given to the Christian at baptism, is considered a name day. In church calendars, the day of remembrance of the saints is celebrated on the anniversary of their death – that is, birth for a new, eternal life.

But still, for those who want to find a heavenly protector for the child according to the calendar, we publish a calendar of Catholic saints. And below, after the calendar, is a list of the names of the saints of the Catholic Church with their brief biography, which leads Note that the Catholic clergy practically do not coincide with the Orthodox.

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In this digital era, the name generator can give you female angel names in the bible

After the eleventh century, the canonization of Orthodox and Catholic saints proceeded independently of each other. The section contains the names of the saints revered in the Roman Catholic Church.

Now it is customary to give a child the name of a glorified saint, moreover, a saint of the Orthodox Church. However, if parents insistently want to name the baby with some extravagant name or the name non-Orthodox – this is possible. In this case, according to the passport, a person will have the name Olesya, Alyona, Ruslan, Sanchez, etc., at Baptism they will give him the name of a saint.

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if we want to name the child according to the church, or, as they say, according to the holy calendar, this will be the name of a saint whose memory is celebrated on the 8th day after the birth of the child.

You can give names of the seven fallen angels by the name generator.

Choosing a name for your child, you should remember that this name is for life, therefore you should not try to stand out by calling the baby. Names such as Aristocles or Anempodist are certainly beautiful and original, but aren’t they obligating too much? Look so that the name is evenly pronounced and does not cause any ridiculous or ambiguous associations (the author knows such an anecdotal, but unfortunately, a real example, when parents bearing the name “Fools” gave their daughter a name … Idea).

The fallen angel name generator can suggest you many suitable name for angel.

At the same time, we note that in recent decades, the choice of a name for children has been limited to a dozen or two names. Among them – necessarily: Natalya, Tatyana, Maria, Ekaterina, Elena and so on. (you can even identify a certain fashion for names).

Parents forget that there are a lot of interesting and wonderful names that mean angel that are almost never used today. And these names are no less harmonious or interesting than those popular today, and their bearers-saints in their Christian feat are no less famous than those whose names are well-known.

To show how, unfortunately, we know little about our names, we give examples of
female angel names that are rarely or not found in practice.

Aquilina aquiline (Greek); in common people, this harmonious name was turned into Akulina. You can offer parents to demand from acquaintances and relatives just such a Greek , rather than common Russian (Akulin) version of the pronunciation of the name

Female angels names

Today, many people imagine angels as women, despite the fact that in ancient history they were more often portrayed as men.

  • Anaita -Angel; one of the highest ranking angels in Zoroastrianism
  • Barbelo – Powerful through God; angel of kindness from the popular tradition of angels
  • Dina – Judged; it is said to be the angel who taught humans to speak
  • Eloa – The one who questions; it is said to be an angel born from the tear of Jesus.
  • Jofiel – Beauty of God; angel who drove Adam and Eve from Eden
  • Muriel – Bright Sea; angel residing on the astrological sign Cancer

A heavenly gift for baby

Choosing an angelic name for your child reflects your love for his pure and good spirit. One of the best gifts you can give your child is a great start in life and that starts with a good name. Whether you are looking for specific religions or pop culture, you can find angel and spiritual names around you. You can also search for angel names based on the baby’s date of birth. Ideally, choose a special name for a being as unique and wonderful as your baby.

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