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Name Ideas for Technology and Computer Businesses

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Technology grows by leaps and bounds and every day a number of technological products are made available to the market, which can translate into a good business opportunity if you have the necessary knowledge. Starting a project like this implies a series of challenges including choosing the name for your computer company; it is understandable to be concerned to a certain extent by such an important detail why you want it to be a winning name from the beginning.

The task of choosing good computers brand names can be overwhelming, which is why here are many tips and examples of names for new technology companies.

Creative and original computer business name ideas

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• Intertech

• File data

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• Inter Think

• Diginube

• Datanet

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• Computronic

• You chip

• Promatic

• Info Solutions

How to choose innovative names for technology companies?

A good dose of creativity

Creativity is a universal and mandatory resource if you want to do a good job choosing the name for your company, the most important thing is to print your own style and vision on it, that is, have you seen what the names of the companies in Silicon Valley are like? Each one has a different message in accordance with the organization, but also full of creativity and ingenuity. In the future one of these companies could be yours.

Define your market

As we already said, the technology sector is very broad, in that sense when naming your computer business you can take into account the type of products you plan to offer and the sector you are going to target (Apps development, software, devices etc)

Use industry terms and language

Each industry has its own language and words that identify it that is why it may be a good option to take them into account to create your brand.

Make it simple and memorable

A good computer business name ideas should be straightforward because that feature makes it easy to remember and linger in people’s minds. At all costs avoid names that are too long, confusing or offensive. Seek that the name is short, heard well and is professional.

The best techniques to choose the name of your company

In addition to taking into account the criteria that we mentioned, there are also techniques that you can use when choosing the name of your computer company. Review them and choose the one that is ideal for you:

• Proper name + activity: one of the alternatives to choose the name of a business is to merge a name with the activity or service of the company, example: Antonio Restaurante (or vice versa), Mario’s & Pub, Relojería Aranza, Cortes y secados Amelia, Exquisiteces Come on

• Activity + prefix or suffix: use your business reason with a prefix or suffix, such as: Supermercado Asia, El Hogar Mexicano, Cybercafé.

• Words in other languages: you also have the option to choose names in other languages and give your company an international touch, for example: Olimpia Gym, Cyber Word, La Nonna Pizzeria, Gourmet Burgers, Le Galipanier.

• Place + name or activity: you can choose to choose the name of your city or country of birth, or the site of your business and link it to a person’s own name.


Alternatives for company names that will inspire you so much…

• Only the activity: another alternative is to choose a name that only refers to the service or product offered, such as: Café & Bar, Rent House.

• Star product or service + proper name or business characteristic: if you want to highlight your service or the main product you offer, using it in the name of the company is an option, for example: Anillos Falcón, Carnes La Suculenta, El Palacio of the Shrimp.

• Star product or service: you only use the name of your flagship product or service as a brand; they are examples of company names in this case: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Budweiser.

• That characterizes the culture of the business: with this technique you will choose words that mean the reason for the business, for example: Lego (in Danish it means “play

• Use syllables: using compound words is also a technique that will help you, for example: Vodafone, from the English words voice (data), data (data) and telefone (telephone) or Sony, which combines the Latin word “sonus” (sound) and from the English “sonny”, used for bright youth

These are some of the computer name generators that you can use to choose the name of your company, you will surely get other options, but this guide will serve to activate your creativity.

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