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It is very important to know how and what kind of makeup you have to use to look pretty. Although there are many good products to use, but my personal best is Urban Decay Ireland because of its long-lasting effect. Here, is how to apply make for your skin:-

1. If it is not clean, it is not ready. All experts say it: the key to great makeup is to start with exfoliated and clean skin! This will prevent it from looking cracked or stiff.

2. Apply the products taking into account the light. Ambient lighting will be your ally or your worst enemy. Avoid overhead light as it will create non-existent shadows. The ideal is to try to do your makeup with natural light.



If you have tan skin and ash hair: use warm colors. Golden and brown shades will fall precisely. We recommend taking a risk with a coral or orange lipstick. If you are suffering from Hair problems, then Joico Products is the best option for you. It is going to sit incredibly! But what they should get away from is the black smokey eyes, as it will generate a lot of contrast, which would not favour them much. Instead, they can choose brown shades and dare to wear a blueliner. With this combination, they are on their way to discover the most enlightened version of their beautiful looks.


On the other hand, if they have a white complexion like the pretty Cara Delevingne, choose cold colors such as pink for their cheeks. It will give them a super cute color, and at the same time, they will get a beautiful contrast. Well, congratulations, because red lips will become one of your best allies, and they will be spectacular. They can use this deadly weapon for a date, a party, or any time they want to give a very glam touch to their look. And do not forget that if you are going to use a smokey eye, it should be gray. Thus they will have a contrast with a touch of light. If you are wondering about which companies I should buy, then you are in luck because Nyx Ireland has a ton of variety of products for your skin facial.


If your skin has yellow undertones, and for some reason, the black liner and wine lips make them look amazing, then yeah! BINGO, welcome to the dark skin club. If you have ever wonder what kind of products I should use on myself, then Clinique Ireland is the best option for you.

What they should 

Avoid are the yellow and orange pigments, as the color will be lost. Don’t be too fond of pastel colors either, ideal for you are intense colors. In fact, a dark green would do very well, and at the same time, they would achieve a look with a lot of vibes and out of the ordinary. Besides, we tell you that everything metallic is super IN, and then there is no one who looks better than you. Take advantage!