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International Shipping of Automobiles

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When it comes to shipping your vehicles overseas it is really hard to choose a single trusted organization ensuring all the quality components which the client requires. First, you need to do your research regarding the services you want to obtain from a company.

This technology era has made it easier for us to find a company which full fills the essentials of Shipping Vehicles at an International platform. 

Let’s introduce you to the Schumacher Cargo which is known for its experienced shipping since 1977. 

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Ship your automobiles with Schumacher Cargo Logistics

The International Shipping of cargos overseas is a much-complicated term one can hear. You must start thinking about the hustle one has to face to get it done. Now, enjoy trouble-free International car shipping with Schumacher. A reliable platform for delivering your cargo to the final destination.

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It operates from five locations across the USA. The main offices are located in LA, Houston and New York City. Here, clients receive the best suitable departure options along with the global network of overseas container shipping.


How shipping overseas work?

Depending upon the goods and type of shipment, there are several ways to choose from. You can have International Ocean Freight Shipping, Shipping via Containers or International Air Freight. However, the most frequent method adopted for this purpose is to use a 20 or 40-foot container.

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The majority of the companies pick this shipping method but services provided might not be the same. Schumacher ensures to take care of the crucial steps needed for this service. It includes inspection reports with the full receipt, online tracking, Global network for shipping to more than 80 countries, customer clearance and other paperwork.


International Shipping Services

Being an international shipping company it facilitates with international Car Shipping, Motorcycle Shipping, Boat & Yacht Transport, Household goods and Moving Services, Air Freight Shipping and Oversized Cargo Shipping. 

Listed below are some of the major shipping services Schumacher Cargo provides:

Vehicle Shipping

You can fill an online form to get your car shipping. The cost of this depends on factors like size or dimensions, pick-up location and the final destiny of the vehicle.

It is the most reliable way to get associated with a licensed international shipper for your next shipments.


Moving Services

If you are shifting overseas and worrying about your favourite furniture to be sold, this place is for you. Here you can also avail the opportunity of moving your furniture or other households along you to your new home. Don’t get panic because all your service would be in safe hands.


Speciality Services

The special services of Schumacher come up with both ocean freight and air freight. Now you can avail the offer of door-to-door shipment instead of just port-to-port depending on your demands. Interestingly, you can have your goods departed from airports instead of shipping costs.


Requirements for shipping overseas

Following are some of the essentials which countries require while shipping:

  1. Keys of your Vehicle.
  2. Original Title and Registration.
  3. Statement of Creditor/Lessor.
  4. Photo Identification.
  5. Car Export requirements of the country.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics is a secured, trusted and facilitating resource for packing, loading and trucking services. Its worldwide connection has made it gain valuable Customer Satisfaction. Moreover, its remarkable service will make you choose it as the only option for your further shipments.

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