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Top 5 best housing societies in Islamabad

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Islamabad is indeed the world`s beautiful capital. Its locality, beauty and peace attract everyone to come and live in Islamabad. Its landscape is another ideal features, and many beautiful housing societies are developed with the right mix of modern and natural features. Islamabad is the ideal place to live. Housing societies here wants to preserve its conventional peace and landscapes. So here we will discuss the top five housing societies which retain charms of peace of Islamabad as well as facilitating it with modern features.

1. Capital Smart City :

Capital smart city as the name shows is the smart city with all the smart features. It is the pioneer smart city in Pakistan with all the international standard smart features. Capital smart city Islamabad and Lahore smart city have attractive location which is nearness to the airport. It has high-end facilities but all at an affordable price and with instalments too. It is not only important for residential point of view but has several fully equipped commercial and business centres. Above all, it is beautifully designed with the help of international architects and designers. In short, it is a complete package to live in.

2. Blue World City:

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A blue world city is another attraction of Islamabad city. It is the world`s second-largest tourism industry. Its beautiful world-class entrance captures heart just from the beginning. The prices of such a beautiful housing price should be high, but this is not the case of the blue world city. It is available in different sizes and that at easy instalments. Its location is ideal too that is nearness to see and is also accessible through proposed ring road. It is accessible through motorway too.

3. DHA :

DHA is one of the popular housing society of Pakistan. It is a separate customer base with the class of people to live in. it is one of the trusted housing society in Pakistan. In Islamabad, it is a gated community with a number of features. Clean and green is one of the reasons for the popularity of DHA. It saves the community. It has international standard facilities, i.e. banks, separate commercial areas, underground wiring, efficient garbage collection system and much more.

4. Bahria Town Islamabad :

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Bahria town is renowned housing society chain in Pakistan. It has developed a high standard in terms of facilities and in terms of features but maintaining standardized affordable prices. It has everything for every earning group. All over Pakistan, it is famous for its beauty and security features. In Islamabad, these beauty factors are enriched because of its integration with the natural beauty of Islamabad. Perhaps, Bahria town Islamabad is the most beautiful place to live.

5. Park View:

Park view city Islamabad is the other name of scenery and luxury. It is situated in the heart of Islamabad with the easiest possible accessibility. It is the place which gives modern facilities with all the state of the art features. It has underground electricity lines and other features. Plots are available at different range and in different sizes. Beautiful clubs and community sectors with all the international standard facilities is another positivity in it.

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