Wedding Tuxedo Rentals – A Groom’s Guide to Looking Sharp


A wedding is an elegant occasion that requires a special suit or tuxedo. But buying one can be expensive, and tuxes are rarely worn again.

Renting is a better option. It saves money and makes it easier to find the right look. You can try it at home with online rentals.

Make Sure It Fits

It would be nice if every man prone to wearing formalwear owned their tuxedo, but that isn’t only sometimes practical. Tuxedos are relatively inexpensive, and buying one can be a hefty investment. Renting, however, can make it more affordable to dress up for special occasions. Rental packages usually include shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories. Most also have a tailor to help with minor modifications like shortening shirt sleeves or pant legs. They can also adjust ties to ensure a perfect fit. Rentals are great for men who don’t only attend a few formal events or will only wear their tuxedo once.

Wedding tuxedo rentals offer a wide selection of tuxedos in various styles and fit, ensuring grooms and wedding party members can find the perfect ensemble to suit the elegance and formality of the occasion.

Renting can be done quickly and easily online. Companies offer various styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes (3T through Big and Tall). They also have an interactive tool that lets you mix and match different jackets and vests, shirts, ties, bow ties, and pocket squares to create the perfect look. They even offer a free Home Try-On period.

Pick a Style

Renting a tuxedo or suit is often less expensive than purchasing one. This can be a great option if the groom doesn’t expect to wear his wedding day attire more than once or needs a custom fit (although minor alterations for sleeves and pants are usually possible).

When preparing for formal events or weddings, individuals can explore options for tuxedo rental in Cincinnati, offering a range of stylish and well-fitted tuxedos to suit their specific preferences and needs.

Ensure the wedding party dresses in similar styles to maintain a cohesive look. However, it’s also okay for the groom and his groomsmen to have a unique element that sets them apart. This can be as simple as a different color for the cummerbund, tie, or boutonniere.

While the details will vary by store, most rental tuxedo packages include a jacket and pants, a white or black dress shirt, a cummerbund or vest, cuff links, and a tie or bowtie. Some rental stores even offer additional accessories like pocket squares and watches.

Add the Right Accessories

A good tuxedo rental package will include everything you need to complete your look. While the exact details will vary by store, many will offer a jacket, pants, cummerbund or vest, a shirt, long tie or bow tie, and cuff links. Some will also provide a pocket square upon request.

While cummerbunds are less common than vests, they can add a tremendous formal touch to your look. They pair well with a longer tie and can be worn in your wedding colors for a more custom look.

If you plan on having your groomsmen rent a tuxedo, don’t forget to consider their budgets. Depending on the time before your wedding, you can spread the cost to all your attendants by making payments in advance. This will give you peace of mind that they’ll be able to find a style that fits them and looks sharp for the big day.

Keep It Clean

There are few occasions where a well-chosen tuxedo is more appropriate than a wedding. After all, brides spend thousands of dollars on gowns that fit impeccably, so it seems only fair that grooms do the same for their tuxes.

While a cummerbund or vest isn’t necessarily required for a tuxedo, they can be a stylish addition that adds a formal touch to the ensemble. You can also use a bow tie or cuff links to create an additional layer of elegance.

When selecting a tuxedo rental shop, look for one that offers the best men’s styles and fits. A good store will also provide a wide array of formal accessories, such as ties, shoes, cufflinks, and pocket squares. In addition, the sales associate should be knowledgeable and helpful, not pushing you toward a style you don’t want to wear. Ideally, you’ll also want to rent your groomsmen’s tuxedos simultaneously. This can save you money on rush fees and ensure the entire group looks coordinated and polished.