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3 Tips To Help You Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet

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Your motorcycle helmet is only good if it fits you. Instead of cruising with an uncomfortable lid or trying to get a large helmet strapped on correctly, use these three tips to choose the best helmet for you. Compare motorcycle helmets by their size, shape, protective features and comfort level to find one that is designed for your specific bike, riding style and head shape.

What Motorcycle Helmets Should You Be Upgrading to

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Shopping for men’s and women’s motorcycle helmets can be a daunting task. There are dozens of brands, styles and other options to consider. Start by using these three tips:

  • Review the safety rating
  • Match your helmet and bike
  • Check the fitment

A helmet is just a stylish accessory if it doesn’t offer certified protection. Check your new helmet choice for the right safety standards. At a minimum, your helmet should be certified by the Department of Transportation as legal for use on the road. Third-party certifications, like the one offered by the Snell Foundation, can cover additional areas that the DOT certification may not test for.

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Once you sort out any uncertified options, it’s time to choose a style. Helmets can be an open face, full face or modular. The vents, padding, aerodynamics and other features also vary depending on the type of ride you’re planning on taking. A motocross helmet is going to need much more ventilation than a cruiser helmet, which may focus on a conveniently removable visor.

Finally, you need a helmet that fits comfortably. Start by considering your head shape. Helmets are designed for round oval, intermediate oval or long oval. Choosing the wrong head shape can make your helmet feel uncomfortably tight on the sides or front and back.

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Measure your head circumference and use this just like a waist measurement or other measurement when searching for motorcycle gear. You can try a helmet on for size if you shop at a local bike store, but online shopping is a surprisingly easy way to sort and filter your way through all the best helmet options for your specific style and head shape.

Tips To Finding the Best Motorcycle Jackets for Men

A helmet is the most important safety gear for your ride, but a jacket should be your next purchase. A comfortable jacket keeps you cozy as you cruise in a range of temperatures and weather conditions. It can also protect you from scratches and scuffs if you take a tumble.

Use your jacket measurements to look for a jacket that fits your style. Just like helmets, jackets are cut differently for different riding opportunities. The most common jackets are Race, American and European fits. If you’re planning on layering up, you may want a larger jacket. Otherwise, a snug fit keeps you protected and avoids snagging your jacket as you ride.

The best motorcycle jackets for men and women are all available online. Review customer ratings and compare sizes to discover a great deal on this iconic piece of motorcycle gear. Whether you’re just getting on a bike for the first time or headed out for another unforgettable off-road adventure, stay safe with these must-have items.

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