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Getting Married in Vegas? Try These Wedding Trends

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A wedding in Vegas is the dream of almost every starstruck lovers. The flashing lights, the glamour, and the electric atmosphere give a promise of the good things in your new life.  if you are having a wedding in Vegas why not do it in style and a bit of opulence.  Here are a few wedding ideas you can try for a memorable wedding.

1. Wedding dress trends

This is the item closest to the heart of the bride. Shopping for a wedding dress that will match with its accessories; affordable bridal wedding ring sets, evening gown, bridesmaid dresses, and the flower arrangements. The wedding dress is the center of attraction.

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The Meghan and Harry royal wedding showed that there are elegance and class in simplicity.  Simple lines in classy ceremony dresses, paired with dramatic veils are trending strongly. Another look is the more modern off-the-shoulder silhouette that flatters the bustline. The common theme is being less voluminous and sleeker.

You can also do away with the wedding dress altogether. Sophie Turner opted for a jumpsuit while Solange chose a trouser suit.  Wearing separates that can be worn again is also a trend if you are worried about sustainability. They can be worn again unlike the one-time wear traditional wedding dress.

2. Wedding ring trends

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This is perhaps the most potent symbol of your enduring commitment to each other; a symbolic knot. Many gents go for diamond engagement rings because it is rare to go wrong with a diamond. In the past, the gent also sourced for the wedding ring and entrusted them to the best man. But a growing trend is to shop for wedding rings as a couple. 

Shopping for wedding rings together, lowers the risk of awkwardness, in giving a ring that is not to the taste of your partner. You and your partner pick something suitable for each other’s tastes. You can request for custom jobs if you don’t find something suitable.  A custom job has more soul and depth, telling a memorable story each time you look at the ring.

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One of the most popular wedding ring trends is cushion cut diamonds. This is a square cut with rounded corners. Art deco is making a comeback as a classic vintage look. This comes out best in yellow-gold rather than silver and platinum colors.

Are you lost on how to wear wedding jewelry? Here are some wedding ring types you can try;

  • Eternity bands – To show your lifelong commitment to each other
  • Solitaire rings – The perfect luxury gift to show that you will go all the way for love
  • Promise rings – To always remind you of the promises you made to each other to stick through thick and thin
  • Three stone rings – This can carry different meanings; past, present, and future, or friendship, love and fidelity, or the inseparable trinity for the faith-based couple.

Here at Dazzling Rock, we also make custom wedding rings to your specifications. You have a variety of precious stones to pick from, in different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can choose to have a special message engraved on the ring to make it truly special.

3. Bridesmaid dress trends

it is becoming common to see bridesmaids in different gowns. The trick here is to match the general aesthetic but cater to individual bridesmaid skin tones and body shapes.  The trend is to have the bride pick her wedding dress palette and silhouette then leave each bridesmaid to experiment with what works for her. This means you can have 2-3 shades in the bridesmaid’s dresses.

4. Wedding décor and flowers trends

Simple but sophisticated is the trend in 2020 when it comes to décor and flowers.  Initials on the napkins, simple one-piece bouquets on vintage furniture, a tastefully done floral arch, and another simple to implement ideas can make a big difference in changing the ambiance. Small bouquets are more preferred to the showy monstrosities of the past.

5. The wedding day

Few wedding locations can match the eccentricity of Vegas. Your wedding day is more about you as the wedding couple rather than playing to the gallery.  Your tastes and preferences should be reflected in the décor, entertainment, and event catering. You can have class in simplicity with a thoughtful event planner. The idea is for the wedding to be a day to enjoy each other’s company on your big day and the audience to love it or hate it if they so wish.

Weddings are also celebrating more rituals, customs, and traditions from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. One of the more colorful weddings was that of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas during which Christian and Hindu customs were observed. If you and your partner are of different backgrounds, your wedding day is perfect for blending.

Ask the wedding planner to have some desert flowers and shrubs in the decorations. This lends a natural and relaxed look, especially for a garden wedding. While roses and azaleas are still impressive, there is an element of eccentricity to match the Vegas vibe. There are a lot of interesting species in the Nevada desert to make for interesting and colorful decorations.

6. Sustainability trends

The sustainability trend is strong for many events, occasions, and generally way of doing things.  This is more so in Vegas where extreme temperatures are a reality. Do invitations on WhatsApp, Facebook email, and other digital media instead of paper, ask for sustainably farmed foods, wildflowers and shrubs.  Some wedding event planners offer all-vegan menus. You can also insist that portions be sensibly served, any excess food be distributed to the needy, and guest leftovers be composted.

You can extend the sustainability requirement to your vendors.  What is their carbon footprint? You can cut fuel emissions by insisting that all products be sourced from locality. The décor should be reusable; the flowers be donated where they can bring cheer, for example, the local home for the elderly. 

Would you like a truly memorable Vegas wedding? Why not pick the perfect wedding bands here at Dazzling Rock to crown the big day?

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