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5 Things To Know About A Luxury White Cotton Towel

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Taking a shower or a bath can be relaxing, and some often use it to destress or take some me time. After using products that help skin feel soft and refreshed, it can be sensitive, so a rough and cheaply made towel can feel awful against freshly cleaned skin. On the contrary, a luxurious cotton towel can feel soft and pleasant, perfect for a relaxing mood.

But not everyone knows the difference between a luxury white cotton towel and a regular one that you could grab in a department store. Knowing the difference can’t parallel with the experience of using one. Still, it’s a great way to find out what makes them superior to other towels.

1. They’re Incredibly Absorbent

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Functionality is one of the most important considerations. A towel is meant to absorb excess water from your body and hair. This way, anyone can dry off properly right after a shower or a bath to avoid dripping water outside the bathroom.

A high-quality towel is absorbent enough for quickly drying off without getting soaked. This is due to the superior cotton material used and how it’s made. Using one towel will do, and it’ll still feel like it could absorb more.

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In comparison, manufacturers skimp on materials when manufacturing cheap towels, so they’re usually thinner and aren’t as absorbent. After using these kinds of towels, they’re usually soaked and can’t absorb anymore. And using one or two more towels might be necessary, which is a huge waste.

2. They Dry Fast 

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As a general tip, bath towels that don’t dry off quickly should be washed because bacteria can quickly grow on them. And wiping that against clean skin and hair can lead to allergies and skin problems. Unfortunately, most bathrooms are damp, and hanging up towels there probably won’t dry them thoroughly. This is why many people purchase heated towel rails to help dry them and make them nice for their next use.

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However, doing laundry after every shower can be wasteful, and so are heated towel rails. Instead, it’s more practical to look for a towel that dries quickly, even after absorbing so much water. And this is exactly what luxurious cotton towels do as long as they’re hung up properly right after use.

It’s vital to wash them regularly, which is after three uses. Everyday showers mean doing laundry twice a week, which isn’t as bad as washing towels every single day.

3. They’re Lightweight

Luxurious towels look heavy because of how thick and lush they are. However, they’re actually lightweight and airy. But this isn’t just to make it pleasant to feel; it’s also what makes them incredibly absorbent.

The air pockets in these towels help them take in more water than other kinds of towels. As they absorb water, they become heavier. In comparison, other towels are heavy even when dry because they’re densely packed with fabric. This also means these cheaper towels won’t have as many air pockets to store water.

4. They’re Plush

A pile of folded luxury cotton towels can look soft and inviting. It can be hard to resist resting your head on them, touching them, or even squeezing them. This is what makes them so comfortable to use even after a good scrub or soak. Cotton is quite a soft material, but how towels are made can genuinely make this quality even more known. Again, the plushness is also related to its absorbent nature because the air pockets make them feel softer. Even after absorbing water, the texture is still nice and delicate.

Other towels feel plush, lightweight, and luxurious at first, but one telltale sign that they’re not is they become rough and harsh after being washed. This can partially be due to the detergents used and how it’s been washed. However, it’s also because of the quality of the materials used. Luxury cotton towels won’t quickly become coarse after washing them. 

5. They’re Tested For Quality

Probably the most impressive thing that sets luxury cotton towels apart from cheaper ones is they’re tested for quality. After manufacturing, they’re tested to ensure that they’re absorbent, quick-drying, and lightweight. This way, the brand can confirm that it meets their quality standard to satisfy their every customer.

One of the ways they can test the quality of a towel is by putting it in water. If the water sinks within five seconds, it means it has passed the absorbent test. Towels that don’t sink in five seconds or less aren’t absorbent enough.


Towels might seem like inconsequential personal items. However, anything that touches your skin, especially after a bath or shower, is essential. The right towel can help users feel dry and relaxed. But the quality can also help keep skin healthy by making sure it’s quick-drying to avoid bacteria from growing and spreading. Most importantly, it makes anyone feel pampered even with just a quick dry down.

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