5 ways to keep your shirt tuck all day

your shirt tuck all day
your shirt tuck all day

“Stressed, depressed, but well dressed!”

Guys! How you dressed can influence your work performance, can even negotiate “hotties” heart rate. As they said, ”Cause every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man”.

Now you know the secret of how to charm the world. But wait! What about your button up shirt, constantly coming out of your pants. No worries, here are some ideas to avoid sloppy look and get that perfect shirt look. Check out our 5 ways to keep your shirt tuck all day

Tucked Shirt Image

‘Fixing hairs, holding metro grab handles’ kinda routine exercises make your shirt untuck and look baggy and unprofessional.“Undertuck” technique is one of the easiest and no money method. Just follow this order and you’re done!!

Skin ->undershirt ->underwear ->shirt->pants. Personally, this is our favourite trick of being well dressed all the time.

Shirt stays
Shirts stays Image

This accessory is best for keeping your shirt neatly in place for a long time. It comes with two locking clamps on one end and one clamp on another end. Simply attach clamps to the shirt and socks (front and back). Use adjustable clips to find the most comfortable fit.And that’s it!!

Comfortable? – Yes, you can have them the whole day.

Looks weird? – Depends! Undressing with “stays” in front of someone can be weird, but for some, it may be sexy!

Shirt Stay Belt

Also called as “garter belts”. Wrap the belt around the shirt below your waist.Tightened it.although gives gentleman look but after having a heavy meal, can give stress marks too.

Comfortable? – Not sure!

Magnetuck Shirt stays Image

“No pain Only Gain” method. Magnets can enhance your appearance. Yes! Magnets can help you.

It comes with two pairs of magnets. Each pair has one flat round magnet and one half sphere magnet. Place flat round magnets inside of your shirt at both sides and half sphere magnets on outer both sides of your shirt. Tightened your belt around your waist above the magnets. And your shirt will remain tucked all day.

Tukz Shirt stays Image

Modern style boxers come with four shirts garters, two on each side. These are perfectly designed for comfort and keeping shirt tucked for a long time.

That’s all for now! Try these ideas and go to your workplace, party, interview or on a date, confidently.