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Best Waterproof Running Shoes

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If you enjoy running outdoors, then there’s always the chance that you are going to get caught in the rain. While some runners do enjoy running in the rain as it can be quite refreshing, there’s nothing worse than sodden socks in running shoes that aren’t doing the best job of keeping the moisture out. If you like running but live in an area with quite a wet climate, then it’s worth considering looking into waterproof running shoes.

Vessi Everyday Move

Designed for running and active living, the Vessi Everyday Move sneaker is a great choice with excellent support and thick soles to keep you moving when you run in any weather. They are seriously breathable to keep your feet fresh and cool even when you’re on a long run. Unlike many other running shoes that are simply treated with a waterproof coating to add water resistance, these shoes are unique in that the patented Dyma-tex waterproofing is built into the knit, making them much more effective at keeping your feet dry. Along with that, unlike a waterproof coating that is likely to wear off over time leaving you with soaking wet feet when you run, these shoes have waterproofing that is designed to last. They are available in women’s and men’s and come in a range of colors including limited addition options to suit your personal style and taste. They’re super lightweight, making them easy to run long distances in any weather. 

Saucony Peregrine 11 Gore-Tex

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This running shoe from Peregrine has long been a favorite with trail runners thanks to the exceptional traction that it offers and the responsive Pwrrun midsole, which makes it easier than ever to run quickly through rough terrain. The midsole is quite stiff, however, which may not be the best option for you if you like a thick cushion underfoot, but on the other hand, it is ideal for runners who prefer a bit more connection between their feet and the terrain. It boasts a highly durable upper, firm platform, super grippy lugs, and a secure, snug fit that’s sure to offer great support no matter where you run. 

Hoka Challenger ATX 6 Gore-Tex

A shoe that is designed to seamlessly transition between the road and the trail, the Challenger ATX 6 offers a firm, well-cushioned midsole and a super grippy outsole with fairly flat, 4mm lugs. The midsole is lightweight yet very padded, with cushioning that is firm enough to handle long trail runs easily, and just enough softness to give your feet a softer and more comfortable place to land when running on the hard sidewalk. It’s an ideal choice for runners with wider feet thanks to the spacious toe box and a fit that is comfortable and generous. A protective toe cap makes it ideal for running over all kinds of terrain, keeping your feet safe and protected from rocks and other rough ground. A Gore-tex membrane keeps it all super water resistant, so you can easily run through the rain or cold, wet muddy ground without worrying about it soaking your feet. 

Asics Cumulus 23 GTX 

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An excellent shoe for marathon training in the rain, the Cumulus 23 from Asics is a great choice for durability, soft cushioning support, and a smooth ride no matter where you are running. Keep your feet super comfortable and supported whether you’re running on the sidewalk or in the countryside with three types of cushioning packed into the midsole: Flytefoam, Flytefoam Propel, and gel pods located in the front and back section to give you a softer place to land if you’re a heel striker. A grippy outsole makes it a great choice for running on wet ground, while the Gore-tex lining in the mesh upper protects your feet by acting as a waterproof barrier against the elements, keeping you dry and comfortable in the winter. 

Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex

Super stylish and available in a range of colors, this hybrid shoe is an excellent choice for running on either the road or trail, offering super comfort and excellent waterproofing thanks to the Gore-Tec membrane. The full-length midsole is constructed from React foam making it very responsive and springy for a comfortable run that reduces pressure on your joints and provides the foot support you need to keep going for longer. Even in wet, cold, and muddy weather, this shoe is designed to feel lightweight and springy, bouncing off the trail easily. The lugs are short and stubby, easily digging into mud to offer more support without feeling harsh if you are running on the pavement. Along with the Gore-Tex membrane in the upper, the shoe has built-in gaiters at the collar to keep water and debris out, and make sure that you finish your run with feet that are as dry and clean as they were when you started. 

What to Consider When Looking for Waterproof Running Shoes


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The majority of waterproof running shoes will feature a water-repellent or waterproof membrane or liner in the upper, along with protective overlays that are designed to keep moisture and debris out. Gore-Tex is the most popular option, as it’s breathable enough to keep your feet cool and dry while being water resistant enough to block out rain, wind, and mud. Other options include Dyna-tex, which is built into the shoe rather than as a lining, offering even more waterproofing and reliability. 


Prioritizing your comfort is key when shopping for waterproof running shoes. Think about the type of terrain that you plan to run across and make sure that the shoe you choose offers enough cushioning and support. For harder terrain such as concrete, a shoe with thick responsive cushioning is advised to prevent strain on your joints. If you are planning a lot of trail runs over rocky or technical terrains, then shoes with protective rubber caps and coatings are a wise choice. 

Whether you do a lot of running in the rain or over wet terrains, a good pair of waterproof running shoes will offer further comfort and protection to make your runs more enjoyable. 

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