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Top Tips to create Mind-blowing Illustrations for Fashion

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Starting from clothes to accessories fashion illustration exists everywhere. The history for the same prolongs for a long time as well.
Fashion Illustration means the art of communicating ideas involving fashion in a form which is visual and originates from painting, drawing, and illustration which in other words is fashion sketching. The use of representation is diverse in the fashion industry. Also, the availability of digital software is endless in the market. One as an example will be the Adobe Illustrator where a fashion designer can go on creating fashion designs that are heart touching.
Fashion illustrators also receive their sum of commission for their works in fashion books or magazines. This blog includes the top tips for fashion illustration.

Understanding the Anatomy

If you are looking at a stylized fashion figure, then it doesn’t mean that the designer has to be always correct in what they are trying to do. To achieve the same task in a better way the fashion designer has to make sure that he/she is designing it with anatomically correct proportions.
Correctly drawing a body in one of the illustration software is easy these days and there comes the scope of being more innovative with their designs.

Style to Optimize

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While stylizing, you often forget the shape of your figure which leads to unnecessary clothing. The best option to avoid this is to refer to fashion illustration books which represent the correct dressing for every gender and all age groups. An optimization is of utmost importance in almost any sector, and the fashion industry also isn’t spared from the same.
As an example, fashion models are comparatively taller than the average people around yet they look perfect with everything they were as their dressing sense is always one point.

Dress with a purpose

Drawing a fashion figure is easy, but at the same time, you will see that you are often not satisfied with the results. Your designs are never going to be interesting unless you are planning to tell a story with it. While drawing fashion illustration poses you will see your figure to be dynamic. You are the one who has to create the action going on in the hair, the clothing, and the accessories. Doing so makes it clear that no matter what you are drawing you are telling a story through it.

Your Composition is Your Story

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When working on a project say fashion illustration books, your composition is the story you are trying to convey to your audience. If you are drawing a girl with her hair blowing in the air, then your audience will assume that the girl is in a windy situation.
It might get a little editorial here as with the illustrations you are also writing a story where you as an author have all the final inputs.
At the same time, you can also eliminate a lot of details from your composition to make it crisp.

Understanding the difference between Fabrics and Texture

According to me, I feel a lot of fashion illustrator also tends to show the weight and the texture of the fabric incorporated in the clothes with their illustrations.
It is a fabulous idea for an illustrator to be this creative as for an audience it gets easier to understand what the style will look like and also obtain the idea about the material of the cloth he/she should choose.
Along with that, illustrators also try to incorporate a lot of patterns in their designs, which makes it easier for the consumer to understand the texture of the fabric and whether it can provide the right amount of style.

Patterns are a must

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Talking more about the last part from the previous section which is patterns. Be it a sweatshirt or an extremely fancy fashion dress for a bride you will find patterns everywhere.
Patterns are what that brightens up your overall outfit. For an illustrator, incorporating patterns in their drawings bring out the best out of the designs. The same is also capable of telling a story at the same time. Textile patterns are a huge thing which is making your wardrobe look more bright and colorful.

Hair tells a lot in an Illustration

If you are an illustrator and don’t focus much on the hair portions of your designs, then you are doing it wrong. Consider designing a men’s fashion illustration where you have given your best shot, apart from detailing the hair of the model all your hard work goes to vain straight away.
Hence for an illustrator concentrating on the details of the hair is quite significant. It doesn’t matter whether you are coloring it or giving it a whole new look. All that counts is to get the hair done right.

Accessories are also of prime importance

Once you finish with detailing the hair, make sure to give equal importance to the accessories section as well. Menswear fashion illustration is incomplete if you are not incorporating a few accessories in it. Your design is bound to look better when you are giving it a pair of sunglasses a watch or a bandana in that case.
Without accessories, your illustration may also seem dull, and no one likes a boring fashion illustration.
Also, with accessories in your illustration, you are going to find it easier to illustrate the different moods in your designs.Cozy, comfy, and multifaceted custom tubular bandana by 4inbandana is a hot item for this year. You can opt for the brand’s original designs or personalize it according to your selection.

Final Words

As you have seen it making amazing illustrations is not at all a daunting task if you know all the secret ingredients to it. Also, make sure to illustrate with a clear mind and an open heart to get the best results obtainable.
And now that you are aware of a few top tips that can transform your dull illustrations into charming stories it will be surprisingly easy for you to come with designs that attract every eye. Well, there are more to fashion illustration which you can eventually find yourself in due time.

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