How To Style Flats In 2022

How To Style Flats In 2022

Remember 2009? When flat shoes were in, and we never left the house without them? Well, it’s not quite 2009 again, but guess what? Flats are in! And the best news is – they aren’t cringy anymore. In fact, they’ve done some serious growing up. They are stylish, sophisticated and versatile. Long gone are the days when ballerina pumps were taking over Tumblr… Now, we have made room for a more mature and timeless look. Looks like the trends have grown up with us!

From Vivienne Westwood archive-inspired flats to Gucci loafers, designer houses have been the trailblazers for this resurgence. The craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the rainbow of shades are some of why we are jumping back the flat shoe bandwagon! One misconception is that they don’t look as elegant as heels but let us prove you wrong with our tips for styling flats in 2022! (Yes, you can put those ballerina pumps away, you’re welcome!)

Tights and socks

Tights and custom socks are a great way to inject a bit of personality into your looks. Thanks to tights and custom socks, you can rock polka dot with your loafers, or chevron with your brogues. Metallic socks also add a bit of razzle-dazzle to your outfits, and with a splash of colour coordination, you can take a playful yet stylish approach to your look.

Opt for long dresses

It is always said that long dresses look better with heels – and athough they may not elongate your legs, you shouldn’t overlook pointed flats. Why did we ignore them for so long? We wear sandals with long dresses in the summertime, so why is this so different? Longer dresses make the look feminine, and pointed flats embrace that femininity and air of sophistication.

Team with loungewear

Believe it or not, flats pair well with loungewear. The only positive to come out ofof lockdown was staying in our loungewear all day, but it’s due an upgrade. Ballet flats styled with a pair of side-slit leggings allow you to let your pumps do all the talking. Flowy wide leg trousers are also a great alternative to pair with your go-to flats. 

Add a pop of colour

Though we love our neutrals and black and white, flats are the perfect way to introduce a splash of colour to your outfit! If you’re wearing monochrome, mix things up with a bold red flat. It is timeless, bold and sexy! Plus, this kind of look can take you from desk to dinner, they’re versatile yet sophisticated.

Try embroidery

Embroidered flats allow you to add something unique to your shoe collection. We love embroidered loafers or moccasins as they add a touch of personally to every outfit. If you want a look worthy of any fashion influencer, then dare to clash prints by opting for a bold printed item of clothing.

Match your accessories

One of our top tips for a killer outfit is incorporating flats  that match your accessories. A black bag with black loafers oozes sophistication and instantly elevates your look. Your outfit will look expensive, even if it isn’t!