Jewelry for Men: 4 Interesting Meanings and Symbolism Behind Pinky Rings

Jewelry for Men

Usually, many guys are not meticulous about the type of accessories or jewelry they wear when going out. However, if they do wear one, it usually means something. And not the usual bad-boy stereotype or any negative takes. There are so many more meaningful symbols behind men’s accessories, particularly the pinky rings.

For some reason, a pinky ring casts a power that can make men behave and look different. It may just be a small piece of jewelry, but something is fascinating about it. Check out these four interesting meanings and symbolism behind pinky rings you should know about.

Fashion Prestige

Pinky rings embody a man’s fashion status. They can add flair to a man’s attire, expressing and showcasing his individuality. These accessories can make men look more attractive, passionate, and sophisticated. Traits like these reflect what kind of fashion a man wants to pursue, mirroring the wearer’s personality and character.

Men’s pinky rings are kind of similar to women’s. They have a wider top that is flat and sometimes engraved with designs and markings. These markings are usually sunken like those in the wax seals to accent or highlight the ring’s carvings. They have the same features as solitaire designed rings.

Pinky rings are available in almost every jewelry shop. If there’s no jewelry store near where you live, they can also be bought from various online sites, such as Jewelry Website. They come in various styles to fit your preferences and needs.

Family Pride and Social Status

A pinky ring can mean so much for some men, especially the wealthy ones, since it can symbolize their family. The jewelry holds the long life and history of their family’s bloodline, passed down to generations through a signet ring. Usually, the wearer of the family crest ring is a man of high stature.

A signet ring is one way to let everybody know what family or clan a man comes from. This custom can be traced from the past, where only rich people owned it. Even today, many still practice this tradition. The rings are commonly engraved with family initials or the family crest, often worn in pinky fingers.

Moreover, the engraved or carved markings on a pinky ring are used to seal letters and sign official documents. This is why many noble families used to commission for this type of ring.

Numerous men with royal blood own this and wear it every time to show their royalty and status. It is a treasured item, with the original seal often hidden and replaced with a simpler one to wear for their daily activities. This helps avoid wear, dirt, damage, or the possibility of theft.

Since these rings often bear status, many people can’t afford to have one. Even today, high-quality pinky rings are too expensive for anyone to easily afford it. So, when you encounter a guy who has a good quality pinky ring, he might be a man of wealth.

Staying Single 

While the ring finger indicates marital status for men, the pinky finger can also signify eroticism or self-love. This means that when a man wears a pinky ring, he is possibly single and has no intention of marrying anytime soon. Some even decided not to marry at all.

This custom can be traced from the Victorian era.  During this time, Victorian people loved to give meaning to almost everything they do or own, including wearing rings. With that, they came up with the idea of the language of the ring, which gave meanings to how people wore it. One of these is how a man wears one on his left pinky to express his civil status as a single man and his lack of interest in getting married.

Expression for Sexuality

Many queer people from the past up to this time are being caged by the toxic social norms regarding their sexuality and gender. To cope up with this sad reality, one of their ways to express their sexuality is by wearing a pinky ring. However, it doesn’t always mean that a man who wears this is part of the LGBT+ community. This can also mean supporting them and being an ally of the queer folk.

For them, a pinky ring symbolizes the progress they have made against the discrimination aimed towards them. It reminds them to keep on moving against the unfair treatment our society gives to the community.


Jewelry isn’t only reserved for women as there are various accessories men can use to style themselves, such as pinky rings. However, pinky rings not only serve a man’s aesthetic and appearance. They also hold a lot of meaning and symbolism, giving more depth to these simple jewelry. Wearing one can be important to a lot of men since it can express their character and personality.