The Best Asian Eyeglasses You Can Find Online

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Anyone can be susceptible to poor eyesight and vision. Luckily, people with poor eyesight and vision can resort to corrective eyewear to improve their eyes with convenience. Eyeglasses are readily accessible, and there is likely more than one optical clinic in your location. 

If you’ve been experiencing troubles with your eyesight lately, you can easily approach an eye doctor today, get checked, and receive an eyeglasses prescription if ever you need one. But for some people, including Asian people, finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses is a daunting task.

Why Asians Struggle with Eyeglasses 

Differences in ethnic features come into light when finding the right pair of eyewear. Unfortunately, most eyewear brands present today cater to facial features that are more typical of white individuals. Thus, many companies design eyeglass frames based on a higher nose bridge, average height cheekbones, slimmer bone structure, to name a few features.

Asian facial features tend to differ from these specifications. Most Asian faces have a high cheekbone structure that lies directly beneath their eyes, low nose bridges, and broad faces—quite different from what eyewear designer brands offer. 

Because of these unfit eyeglasses, many Asians are left to compromise with the following:

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  • Eyeglasses constantly slide down the nose
  • Eyeglasses easily move when smiling or laughing 
  • Frame arms pinch the temples 
  • Frames hitting the cheeks, leading to cheek rash 
  • Lenses rubbing against the lashes or eyes
  • Lenses fog easily due to incorrect eyewear placement 

The Solution—Eyeglasses Designed for Asians!

Thankfully, Asians don’t have to dread any longer with their eyewear. The low nose bridge glasses, aka Asian fit optical eyeglasses, are the ultimate pair to suit most Asian eyes. These eyeglasses are curated exactly to common Asian facial features: low nose bridge, high cheekbones, and bigger facial width. 

If you’re planning to get a pair of these Asian fit eyeglasses, you don’t have to worry about accessibility as they’re both available in-store and online. 

Here are some of the noticeable and significant features of Asian fit eyeglasses that set them apart from conventional eyewear:

  • Bigger Nose Pads: Since the nose pads have a larger surface area, they’ll prevent the eyewear from sliding off your nose easily, especially if you have heavier lenses. Some of these nose pads are also adjustable, allowing you to bend them inwards for a more secure fit. 
  • Tilted Lenses: Since one of the issues of ordinary eyewear involves the lenses touching your cheekbones, Asian fit eyeglasses are designed in a way where frames are subtly angled and tilted away from your face. 

Finding the Perfect Pair of Asian Fit Eyeglasses 

While Asian fit eyewear suits the facial structure and features of Asians, let’s admit it—just like any group of people, Asians aren’t made equal! Not everyone has identical facial features or optical needs. When looking for your perfect pair, there are additional factors that you’ll consider that another person would take into account. 

With this in mind, here are some additional features and factors to acknowledge when shopping for Asian fit eyeglasses: 

  • Transition Lenses: People with eyeglasses struggle with wearing shades as eye protection as they already wear a pair of optical eyeglasses. But you can have transition lenses customized into your eyeglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Frame Shape: Since most Asian faces are rounded, rectangular frames compliment their face shape best as they appear wider than they are tall. However, since not all Asians have a round face, you can research how to choose the right frame shape
  • Frame Color: The color of your frames can make a huge difference in your appeal. Asians have varying skin colors, and it can be confusing to choose one, especially if you’re shopping online. What suits the model may not suit you because of the difference in skin tones. A large portion of the Asian population has warm skin tones, but Asians can also have cool undertones. As a rule of thumb, wear a frame color that aligns with your skin tone as the opposite side of the color spectrum will make your eyeglasses pop out too much. 
  • Frame Design: Eyeglasses have always been a fashion statement, whether they’re meant to correct vision or not. Depending on your aesthetic taste, you can freely choose what design, pattern, or finish your eyeglasses should have. 


Picking the right eyeglasses for your optical and aesthetic needs isn’t as easy as you think. As many people aren’t comfortable with the make of their eyeglasses due to differences in facial features, eyewear designers presented a solution to make their daily experience in wearing eyeglasses better, and these Asian fit eyeglasses are definitely worth giving a try!