Friday, July 3, 2020


10 things women need to know about thongs

Have you ever tried on a body-fitting dress and feared that your panty lines would be visible from behind? Well, thongs took over the lingerie market as soon as the 70s saw Rudi’s breezy...

Tips to getting the perfect skin glow

Having radiant and glowing skin is the dream of every human being. A major component of a fresh and healthy skin is its natural glow. Things such as less sleep, stress, age, and what...

Essentials Of Finding The Right Swimwear

Planning a day out at the beach but you are dreading over the time you will spend buying a swimsuit that is right for you?  We totally understand that struggle.  After all, it is never...

Best dresses for tall women

When you are a tall woman, it’s very hard to find a dress that fits you well. Finding pants, sleeves, and blazers in good and required size are very tough to find. If you...

What I Wish Everyone Knew about Fashion Glasses

Thanks to our overexposure to a smart television, mobiles, and laptops, all day long we strain our eyes and put pressure on them. Due to our lifestyle, diet and eye strain,...
Korean Fashion Men

Items to add into your closet to get that Korean Fashion look

Summary Korea has grown as the fashion metropolis of the globe. From TV serials to live concerts, Korean fashion has really captured the world by turmoil. Read on to know more. Introduction Being the fashion center in...
Cyberpunk fashion Men

All you need to know about Cyberpunk Fashion

Summary This is a valuable example for those who prefer the cyber/industrial appearance. It's modern, fashionable, and professional. Hope this encourages! Introduction “Alternative Fashion” resembles alike a scary slogan, however, it certainly just cooks down to “anything...
menswear fashion illustration

Top Tips to create Mind-blowing Illustrations for Fashion

Summary Starting from clothes to accessories fashion illustration exists everywhere. The history for the same prolongs for a long time as well. Fashion Illustration means the art of communicating ideas involving fashion in a form which...
black clutch purse

All you need to know about a Clutch Purse

Summary Handbags and Purses are available everywhere. But to game up your fashion skills, it is vitally necessary to use a clutch purse. Fashion and trends have evolved a long way. A regular purse for women...
90s grunge fashion

How to pull-off 90’s Grunge Fashion Aesthetically?

Summary Strong and violent, the grunge fashion bias returns back from the ’90s renewed, with the aim to stay longspun and provoke a new fashion excitement. Introduction Grunge fashion came all the way back from the bands...
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