5 Popular Hairstyles for African Women

5 Popular Hairstyles for African Women
5 Popular Hairstyles for African Women

A black woman’s hair is considered her crowning glory; she can style it straight, soft, curly, sleek, or otherwise, no matter the style, her hair is going to keep heads turning. There is no secret – natural hairstyles for black women are dominating the beauty scene. You will find hairstyles featuring hair that has not been chemically altered with relaxers, texturizers, and straighteners. You also find hairstyles featuring hair that is conditioned to give a new textured looked. The hairstyles for black women in America are versatile. From the updos to box braids to luscious locks, you will find all sorts of styles you can imagine. That being said, here are the top five hairstyles for African-American women.

Bantu Knots

This hairstyle is borrowed from an African tribe, Bantu. Over the years, inspiration from this hairstyle has been taken and recreated to bring out unique versions of the look. The newly derived versions of the style are based on women’s personal preferences and tastes. A woman can wear the knots such as Bantu knots on the weave or even jumbo Bantu knots among the different ways. You can have this style with or without a weave. A woman can also experiment with other extensions or hairstyles to bring out more fun. Whether you want crochet braids, curly weave, or box braids, there are so many ways you can rock with Bantu knots.

Big Puff Natural Hairstyle

Are you looking to embrace puffiness? The Big Puff Hairstyles are a great option. With this style, you can give your curls a bit of definition by applying moisturizer and curl enhancing smoothie that helps damp the curls while letting them air dry. This is a hairstyle you may want to try out if the Bantu knots aren’t really your style.

Box Braids

Box braids are a classic hairstyle for black women in American. A majority of the time, you see box braids comprising long hairstyles. You may want to try out something like the bob box braids that offer an alternative to the long hairstyles. These feature a flattering ultra-popular length that works with so many face shapes. Because box braids can be pretty long and perhaps get in your face, you want to keep the hair away from the face, but in a stylish way by introducing a box braid bun.

Braided Hairstyles

When you don’t know what you need regarding a hairstyle, you may want to try out braided hairstyles. A braided natural updo is a great way to make you look beautiful and attractive. Adding a braid right into your style offers you a unique way to make your style look more intricate. Just because you’ve braids, it does not mean that you cannot have more natural hairstyles with those braids. Try something like a knot, and you will see how much you transform the braid style’s look.

Crown Braid

Want to see the queen in you? Try out the crown braid hairstyle. It’s a great natural hairstyle you can wear if you don’t want to have your hair hanging over your face. It’s also a great style when you don’t want to have the hair entirely pulled back. You can enhance the curls with a crown braid and ensure they are frizz-free by moisture finishing gel through the strands.

These are some of the common black-women hairstyles you are likely to see. Hairstyles for black-women are undoubtedly immense, and creativity is at the heart of the styles. You can work around almost any hairstyle to bring some twists and tweaks to get your own style. For more creative hair styling images, check out Rumbie & Co. in Randwick.