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7 Helpful Tips that will Save every Petite Woman

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There are probably perils of shopping disasters that a petite woman like you encountered. Being petite doesn’t mean that you are short and slim. Instead, these are women whose height is under 5’4. 

Compared to the average sized woman, we petite women often have problems with too much pant hems, or narrower shoulders but shorter in seams – I know, I experienced it as well and shopping for women’s clothing online can be a pain sometimes. 

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Here are some fashion hacks that you can squeeze in your shopping chronicles:

Yes to necklines.

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Oh well yes, focus on the necklines, V-necks and scoops neck can make you look taller. It also elongates your look and flattens your small frames. It also draws attention to your upper body.

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Prints are yours, always.


Don’t get scared over prints, you can rock on your printed facemask and you will still look lovely. Trust me it will save you from disasters. Find some small motifs or not very overpowering clothes that have prints that won’t outdo your frame. Balance is the key, baby doll.

Six-inch nude heels are the new black.


Whoa, I know that a six-inch heel would be painful as hell, but girl this is worth it. Our small height is the first thing that we are bothered about, and a six-inch nude heel would be an instant height boost. And nude colored heels can also make your legs seem longer.

Jeans. Skinny Jeans.


Having a pair of jeans is heaven and a must-have in the closet. Petite girls are also not exempted on owning them. Jeans are versatile articles of clothing that can make you chic and are perfect tools to put your legs into the spotlight. It also gives an illusion of longer limbs. 

It’s black, and it’s white.


Wearing one color isn’t bad after all – it’s a life saver. A one color outfit helps in creating a vertical line that helps you look taller, besides it is comfy as well. Pick an outfit from the color scheme and match the outfit with each other to create some ghosts in your outfit.

All hail skirts, skorts, and shorts.


Let’s flaunt those legs! Wearing short skirts or shorts would give emphasis to those exposed skin. Expose them while you have them young, those legs need some publicity sometimes. Don’t be afraid to dare on wearing short shorts.

Skinny belts are for thy waist.


If you must insist, skinny belts are the perfect belts for petite women like us. It defines our waistlines and does not overpower our upper body. But if you are in the mood to lose some thread and want to wear chunky belts, then wear it with the same color as your clothes, that way it will not be so overpowering.

Takeaway and Credits To The Guest Author

Finding the perfect fit of clothes for petite women is tough. Sometimes, the clothes are extra big in some areas of the body or are too small and tight. Wearing larger clothes with the petite body would look like borrowing clothes from someone.

The tips are collected to help petite women in finding what could be best for them, which may not be a complete list, but this is the basics that will come in handy whenever facing a fashion crisis.

Sabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.

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