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Best 7 YouTube Gaming Intro Makers – Free and Paid

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Wide varieties of intro makers are available on the internet if you strive to find one. Of course, if you are interested in gaming and capturing videos of it, this blog will surely help you a lot. If you know how to make intro videos on your YouTube channel, it will act as a business card that can show off your efforts.

This is why the collection of the best gaming video intro maker below can help you in inviting a lot of viewers who can get attracted to your channel just because of your intro videos. The best software available to help you with the gaming intros is mentioned below.



The most comprehensible and easy to use platform to create promo and social media videos is InVideo. It is a power pack that comes with about 1700+ templates that can be edited easily in the form of your gaming intro. It comprises high-quality effects and stock images/videos that can be used while you are striving to create your gaming intro for your YouTube channel. It is also known as an all-in-one application that can create a video easily without any hard and fast rules. 

The basic features include drag and drop options, video assistant, the addition of unlimited team members, multilingual video support, and an active support team. The pricing starts with $10 a month in the business section.



What can be better than finding software that is both free and effective? Blender is a unique combination of powerful animation and open source tools. You can easily use aspects such as modelling, simulation, rendering, composition, motion tracking, and much more. It is a 3D creation tool that can run on cross platforms like Macintosh, Linux, and Windows.

With a blender, you can create a high quality animated intro of your gaming channel on YouTube. Once you know the basics, you can quickly get down to using it innovatively. If you are a beginner in animation, this is a great tool to use for making gaming intros since it comes with many guidelines.

Movavi video editor plus

Movavi video editor plus

If you are interested in finding the best youtube video editing tool, you can go for Movavi. This tool can help you in editing your first video easily using available tools without even having prior knowledge about it. This user-friendly platform can help to create a compelling intro video for any gaming YouTube channels within an hour. The cost of this application is only $20.99 a month. Of course, you can use the free trial version and see if it fits you or not.

Pinnacle studio

Pinnacle studio

Who wouldn’t want to use an application having 1500 effects and filters? With high-class color  and multiple templates, you can create a masterpiece to attract the gamers online. Gaming enthusiasts purchase this particular application at $59.99 only with better features. If you need more features such as 360 video editing, clip nesting, and 4k support, you can go for the package of $129.99.




It is a capable animation software that is famous for developing everything you need related to intro videos for your YouTube channel. It has plenty of flexible options for editing. Of course, you can easily use the free version and have a taste of professional videos. Still, you can find premium versions to get better features and options as well. 

You can use features such as a cloud with which you can save your data online. That means you 

can continue your work with an internet connection on any computer. This app also has more than 300 pre-animations and video template libraries. 

In the free version, you can get an editing option. The only drawback is that you will get a watermark and 360p when it comes to the final video. If you want the intros of 1080p, you can purchase the software at $29.99 and get videos done without watermark.

Wondershare  filmora9

Wondershare  filmora9

When it comes to gaming intros, this is the most popular software among YouTubers. You can get several premade intros along with aspects such as transitions, effects, overlays, elements, and text animation. 

If you still aspire to find more effects other than the built-in ones, you can go to Filmstocks effects Store. Editing gives your video a finishing touch, after which you can directly upload it on your YouTube channel. You can purchase both mac and windows versions at just $20.

Moovly  studio

Moovly  studio

If you want to find a complete tool with audiovisual content, Moovly Studio is the one for you. You will get an additional 30 days of the free trial before you decide to purchase it for the first time. Moreover, you can get about 750,000 video footage, animated objects, images, music for free. You can even upload and use your material in the cloud. 

The resolution of the final video would be 480p. However, in the free version, you will get a watermark on the screen. If you are not comfortable with using the free version, you can always purchase the pro-version at just $49.00, where you will get the video of about 1080p. These videos won’t have watermarks.


The applications mentioned above can ensure to provide you with better features to make fantastic gaming intro videos for your YouTube channel. If you end up using software with multiple features and a straightforward interface, you are likely to be satisfied with your result. What you need to do is try one of the apps mentioned above and find out which one suits the best for you.


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