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GogoPDF: Repair Your Corrupted PDF Files in Just 4 Steps

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As a student, you can never deny the importance of technology, especially during this time that every sector of society shifts to doing everything online. Almost all require its presence, starting from attending lectures on zoom, submitting assignments on google classroom, to accessing your PDF files through an application.

Despite acknowledging how beneficial technology is, there are some instances that it can cause you inconveniences. Throughout this online learning, have you ever encountered PDF-related challenges? Perhaps, you unknowingly submitted a corrupted PDF file to your professor or you were the receiver of a damaged document. You probably asked yourself several questions from when, how, and why.

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You might have felt completely disappointed and you thought you could not do something about it. Well, GogoPDF can refute that by presenting you with its PDF repair feature.

Dump the negativity in you, and discover the possibility of recovering your files through GogoPDF.

What is a PDF?

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PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats nowadays because of its promising features. It is best for students, teachers, business owners, and other people part of the workforce. All your files ending in pdf are in a portable document format.

The text, images, chart, and other data you placed in a PDF document will appear the same to other people’s devices. This means that you can be sure that the format of all information displayed on the screen of the receiver is the same as the format you created, even if they use their phone or laptop. This prevents confusion on the part of the receiver of the document esign online.

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Though PDF has a lot of benefits, you can face serious problems with your documents when they become corrupted. Files get corrupted for several reasons. It can happen when you don’t have a strong and secure connection while downloading the file or sending it to other people’s devices. Power interruptions can also damage your document. Once they get corrupted, you can no longer open the file which is heartbreaking when you don’t have any other copy of its contents. Imagine the horror of doing everything from the beginning, just after you have ticked its box in your to-do lists.

But don’t worry, GogoPDF can help you solve this problem.

Get to know GogoPDF

It is a web-based tool accessible to anyone with a device and internet access. If you are searching for an online tool that gives importance to your time and has a sense of urgency, then GogoPDF can meet your expectations.

When you visit the website, you can easily navigate it and perform in an instant all the needed adjustments for your document. It won’t even consume a lot of your time.

4 Steps to repair corrupted PDF file using GogoPDF

Most people, including you, might think that a corrupted file is impossible to repair. And if ever fixing a corrupted file is possible, they believe that it would cost them so much money and time. That is why these people end up accepting the fate of their PDF files.

But through this online tool, you can repair your files in just 4 easy steps for free. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the corrupted file

To start the repair process, you have to click the select files button to get the document from your device. If it is not on your device, you can get it from other online storage, such as dropbox or google drive. You can also drag and drop the file into the toolbox if easier for you.

Step 2: Wait for the repair process to finish

After selecting the file, the web-based tool will automatically start the repair process. Wait for a few seconds for the fixed PDF file to become available.

Step 3: Share the file via email

If you need to share it with someone else, you may do so via email or any social media platforms. You can also copy the link provided by the website and paste it into the designated chatbox.

Step 4: Download the fixed file

You can have a copy on your device by downloading the file. You may also directly upload it on your google drive or dropbox.

3 Advantages of using GogoPDF

1.   Automatically deletes your files from the server

It prioritizes the safety of its users. As a result, no one, including yourself, can access your files using the website.  It uses a  standard security technology, known as SSL encryption. The server permanently deletes all the PDF documents after an hour of uploading them.

2.   Any kinds of device can access the website

As stated earlier, you can access the website using whatever device you have, as long as, you have access to a stable internet connection.

3.   Easily share the new version of the PDF document

Every after the repair process, the website will immediately provide you an option to share it with your colleagues or group mates via email or any social media platforms. This process of sharing your files is straightforward and convenient.

In a Nutshell

Using GogoPDF would mean a better process of managing several corrupted PDF documents. This will lead to a more productive and efficient life that can only be possible if you decide to do something you’ve never done before.

Try it now to give yourself a chance to view your damaged PDF document again. Share this tool with your friends if you think they need it too!

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