Monday, November 23, 2020

How to Choose Hashtags for Instagram

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The Hashtags on Social Media originally started out on Twitter, buy it was Instagram that really made it essential to grow your engagement, audience and even business.

Instagram hashtags help categorize content, increase engagement and help you reach more followers and thus create a bigger community.

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With Instagram’s algorithm changes and promoted content, Hashtags are the only sure way to help reach a wider audience. You can also opt for Instagram Affiliate Marketing.

The following are some strong strategies to help you choose the best hashtags for growing your account.


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Researching hashtags related to your relevant audience is very important. The more specific and relevant the hashtags are, the more they are likely to attract your targeted audience. The best way to find tags specific to your targeted audience is to do deep research of your particular niche.

The first thing you should research trends related to your business, or your target audience. A good place to start is the keywords you’re already using. Researching posts related to your specific audience will help you find more relevant tags to use. You can also use hashtag generator for instagram to find the best hashtags.

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Researching the targeted audience is also the key to discovering relevant hashtags. Look for the hashtags your targeted audience is already using. This shows that you care about your specific audiences and their interests. The more specific the hashtag the more audience engagement it generates.

Researching the big accounts or industry Leaders is also vital. You engage the audience that follows these industry Leaders and influencers by using similar Hashtags as them. This puts your account in the same league as the industry leaders of your niche, thus attracting a significantly larger audience.

Researching on platforms other than Instagram is also very beneficial. Google searching relevant terms, using third party tools like Hashtagify to identify high-performance hashtags, researching Hashtags on other social media websites, making sure there’s no double meaning to the words you’re using as tags, and running spellchecks before posting, are all good strategies to maximize the performance of your tags.

The art using the Hashtags you have found through the research

The key to successful Instagram engagement is to strategize your use of the Hashtags.

The number of Hashtags used per post is very important. Studies prove that anywhere between five and thirteen is the perfect number of Hashtags to be used. According to another study, eleven is the most successful number of Instagram Hashtags used per post.

It’s very crucial to use hashtags that are very specific and creative as compared to just using a general Hashtag about the specific industry or audience. The best way to build better audience engagement is to use words or synonyms of words that are not very widely used. The less the number of people using a particular word as a Hashtag, the more attention and engagement each of them get.

Using special daily Hashtags, e.g. #mondaymotivation or #pictureoftheday also makes your post more interesting and engaging.

It’s important to remember that balance is the key. Always use the right combination of general and specific Hashtags. It’s best to include only one brand-specific Hashtag in each post. It’s also essential to use a campaign-specific Hashtag when running a campaign or giveaway. You can use event-based or local Hashtags to boost the visibility of your post.

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