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Use Internet Faster While Travelling

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When deciding what the best internet plan to subscribe to is, one of the most relevant factors is internet speed. 

  1. Why is internet speed so important?
  2. Fixed Internet Speed: key details
  3. Mobile Internet Speed: Key Details
  4. Speed: Download X Upload
  5. Main internet consumption profiles
  6. How to increase internet speed?

Why is internet speed so important?

The speed of the internet is directly linked to the proper functioning of the services you use through the network, such as streaming TV, online games, file downloads, file upload, use of social networks, among others.

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Therefore, internet speed is a factor that determines the monthly value of internet plans or combos offered by operators. If you don’t have good internet speed, you’ll have a hard time watching your Netflix movies and shows without interruptions in streaming. You can do a speed test of your internet.

There is a difference between fixed internet and mobile internet speeds, as mobile suffers environmental interference due to the navigation of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

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To avoid slow internet problems, when choosing the speed of your plan, it is important that you evaluate:

  • The speed of downloading and uploading files
  • If you your internet for many online games
  • If you often download movies and videos
  • If you watch Netflix and other streaming channels
  • The number of internet users in your home

Relevant information is that internet speed is not the same thing as franchise. Don’t confuse: how quickly the network works for you relates to speed, while the franchise refers to the maximum amount of data you can use.

If you have opted for a fixed internet plan, there are a few factors that can change the speed of your internet, such as:

  • The type of network you’ve contracted, because the speed will vary if the network is fiber optic, satellite, or ADSL
  • The type of router used
  • The number of network users and the number of devices connected to it (mobile phones, TVs, notebooks, tablets). The larger the number of people and devices, the internet will slow down
  • The operating system of connected devices
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Fixed Internet Speed: Key Details

Fibra Óptica

Fixed internet service is more stable, i.e., it suffers less external interference in signal transmission compared to mobile internet. Among the fixed internet options, fiber optic plans have a better quality compared to satellite or ADSLnetworks.

When hiring a fixed internet plan, it is important to note some information, such as:

  • Minimum internet speed: when you perform a contract with a carrier, you will have a minimum internet speed available. That is, if you do a speed test and the result is a value of less than the contracted, you can terminate your contract, since the operator has to ensure that the speed of your internet will never be lower than the contracted.
  • Maximum internet speed: it’s the fastest speed you can use, for a day, within your plan.

If the internet speed provided by the contracted operator is very different from the one being announced for the plan to which you joined, you can make a complaint to the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL),which guarantees the rights of consumers of telecommunications services. You can even file a complaint through the “Anatel Consumidor” application.

Mobile internet speed: Key details

velicidade internet movel

As stated earlier, the speed of the mobile internet is more susceptible to external interference. Just remember the times you’ve been unconnected while traveling or somewhere you’ve been unable to use your mobile data.

Due to the inconstancy of the mobile network, operators have more flexibility in relation to the internet speed of these types of plans. But be aware of this detail: the maximum speed of the internet is the fastest you can reach your mobile network and will depend on where you are and the type of device to be used. Typically, mobile internet plan ads highlight the maximum amount of mobile data in the service package and not the speed of the internet. Hence, the importance of not confusing them.

Speed: download X uploadTypically, the download speed provided by carriers is higher than the upload speed. That is, it will be faster to download files such as movies, videos, music and books than to send files. Download speed refers to the data that is coming in your notebook, mobile phone, tablet; the upload speed is already related to the time data is sent from your devices to other recipients.  Also, use

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