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What is the Job Outlook for Web Developers?

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The first thing a customer comes across while performing any online transaction is the website. Customer perspective depends predominantly on the content and quality of the website. A dull and poorly designed website can have a negative impression on customers and push them away. On the contrary, a quality website can attract more customers and help enhance sales. It can make customers aware of the products, services, and business offerings. The website matters the most for a strong online presence for any business. A lot of businesses have realized the importance of websites development and you can avail yourself the services from

Everyone expects a website that looks good, works fast and performs seamlessly. Websites should load quickly and make a lasting impression on the customer. To achieve such qualities in a website and to ensure a better user experience, a lot of the work has to be done behind the scenes. The website has many aspects to it, from the design of the website to the data it requires to operate. Web developer is someone who helps in creating websites from scratch and helps in their seamless operation, maintenance, and improvement with desired performance. Web developers require both creativity and skills to come up with quality websites.

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In the current article, we will be discussing the various aspects of web development,  and why taking web development training should be your next move.

What Is A Web Developer?

In simple terms, web developers are programmers who deal with building applications related to the World Wide Web and are considered essential job roles in the IT industry. They use client-server models to develop websites and are mostly concerned with the back-end development process. The role may seem evergreen and exists for a long time, but there is high competition in this field, and professionals need to keep upgrading themselves to stay ahead of their peers. 

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Web developers need to learn different tools, frameworks, and programming languages that are useful in web design, client-side/server-side scripting, web content development, and network security configuration. Some of the popular ones include Java, C++, Python, Angular, Node.js, Express.js, JavaScript, HTML, React, and so on. Professionals starting out their career in web development need to at least have a background in computer science or related fields. They should also add relevant certifications and other credentials related to web development that can grab the attention of the hiring managers. 

If you equip yourself with the right skills, you can also pave your way to reputed tech firms like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, HP, Accenture, Cognizant, to name a few.  

Types Of Web Developers

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Web Developer is a collective term used for a variety of roles to create different aspects of a website. Some might work on the look and feel of a website, while others might work behind the scenes to ensure the performance of the website. In fact, web developers can be broadly classified into three types, as mentioned below.

  • Front-end web developers are responsible for the interpretation and execution of design for website creation. Front-end web developers are the ones who ensure a great user experience. They make the website well organized, aesthetically pleasing, and more efficient. They work on writing the codes for implementing the design on the web. They have effective communication skills to discuss with clients, creative teams, and complete know-how of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, and Jquery. It is not mandatory for front-end web developers. However, understanding the entire web development process is beneficial, along with some back end knowledge. 
  • Back-end web developers write codes for the server-side of the website and ensure that the website is functioning smoothly. Their responsibility is to write a program that can deliver requested data or information from the database. In simple words, they ensure data flows from a website’s front-end to the backend and vice versa. They also need to maintain core databases, test and debug backend processes, and manage APIs. A back-end developer works with several languages such as Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, C# and works with databases such as MySQL, MongoDB. They write codes that make all the functions easy to use.
  • Full-stack web developers work on both the client-side and server-side of an application or website. They are well versed with the front end, back end, databases, APIs, and version controlling systems. In other words, full-stack web developers have complete web development process understanding from building, testing, documenting to deploying at a large scale. They work on all aspects of development, from gathering requirements to the overall architecture and system implementation. Full-stack web developers know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Jquery along with Python, Java, Ruby. They know databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle. They have an understanding of prototype and UI/UX design, Linux platform, version control system such as Git, and working with APIs, REST, and SOAP. 

Salary Trends

Web development is a long process and involves professionals with various skill sets at different development phases – the average annual salaries based on role in India.

Web developers salary depends on various factors such as the type of company, location, development experience, and skill sets of professionals.


Web development as a career is very challenging, however rewarding and secure. The full-stack developer ranked second on the List of the best jobs for 2020, published by Indeed. Looking at the demand and growth, it is expected to be ranked similarly in 2021 and beyond. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,  8% employment growth is predicted for web development roles between 2019 and 2029, which is faster than other occupations. Demand is mainly driven due to mobile applications. With promising growth and ranking, Web development is one of the best choices in a technical field. If you like to start your career as a web developer, it is advised to look for a good online course at a prestigious institute. Determine the type of development you want to contribute to and start gaining the skills.

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