What Role Does SEO Play in Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Management ORM

It is very natural for anyone to Google your name before they do any business with you. The valuable links and pleasant information that are visible on the first few pages of Google, when anyone searches for your name is what creates an impression about you in their mind. This is why only reputation (ORM) is the key that is no longer optional. ORM and SEO can be put together to achieve the desired result. Hence SEO plays an indispensable role when it comes to ORM.

Content optimization for a successful ORM campaign:

Most of the people are influenced by the things they read about you online. You need to make sure that your content ranks higher. Just only highlighting the positive content will not guarantee that your potential customers will have the most adequate information. Thus, you also require an effective SEO to strengthen your brand and rank. SEO agency Melbourne suggests you rank for target key phrases and make the page optimizations in a way that your site is visible at the top of SERPs. Feature only those genuine profiles that represent your brand or company name. Do not forget to optimize third-party review pages and company-hosted websites. Make the search engine to influence and highlight the positive content, and push down the negative content beyond the fourth page. 

Content optimization for better discovery in the online field:

Choose the type of content that is best optimized for providing optimal results. For attracting backlinks from credible websites, you need to write concise and authentic contents. Doing this will suppress the erroneous and negative links. A tutorial article will enable the reader to understand the content. For targeted phrases, you can rank positive content with authentic video content. If you want to establish a reputable authority, make use of whitepapers to develop arguments. Make your content as deep as possible so that the reader gets all the necessary information on a single page. Link to credible sources and make sure the data and facts are properly referenced. Lastly, break your contents into easy-definable formats.

Brand need to focus on certain places when performing content optimization:

Publish your content on high-authority sites to ensure that the content performs fine. It is applicable for both text and visual-based content. Make sure that all the properties of your site are well maintained and properly optimized when your website is hosting the content. If the users find your website to be less responsive or low functional, it is more likely that it will show negative results. If you do not maintain your website technically regularly, then you could lose your rank on Google, and the people will not be able to locate you. After taking care of all these, improve your reputation campaign and only promote the best-performing and high-quality content.

Use image to increase online reputation efforts:

Several marketers assume that it is difficult to rank images, especially when it comes to ORM efforts. But, images offer you many opportunities to create authentic backlinks, and you can also claim your branded keywords in the process. It can efficiently create a stable reputation with the search engines. Optimize the alt tags in the images, as it helps search engines to understand the image. In the alt text area always include your branded keywords. Do not save names of your images with any random texts or numbers. Make sure that you use the branded keywords you would like to rank for, as the images name.


The ORM process helps you to align your technology efforts, marketing and sales. The key pillar for achieving the desired result on the internet is SEO content. You will be able to expand your opportunities and maintain a clean image by learning the best-performing SEO strategies to rank better in the search result for your primary and branded keywords. Try to be patient and maintain your focus on objectives.