Best Screen Recorder to Record Online Videos

Record Online Videos

Many people like to watch online videos and why not because it is one of the most popular internet activities whose consumption is just increasing but not slowing down.

But for some viewers who remain busy all day because of the tasks and responsibilities of their daily lives, it becomes difficult to catch live streaming videos from some of their favorite YouTube channels or online video platforms.

This is where an online screen recorder helps the viewers record and watch live streaming videos for playback or when they have time.

Now you may be wondering which screen recorder is the best at all and offers tremendous features for free as there are very few free screen recorders available in the market today.

Well, when it comes to online video recording, iFun Screen Recorder is considered one of the best free screen recorders available in the market. It provides many interesting features to all types of users, including gamers and professional creators, which are found in most paid software.

Introduction to iFun Screen Recorder

The iFun Screen Recorder was launched on March 24, 2021, by a well-known software company IObit. This software company has gained a great reputation in the market and among its 10 million active users over the last few years due to its quality products. 

Compared to any other online screen recorder, the iFun Screen Recorder is not only easy to use but also has a very simple interface, making it suitable for both beginners as well as professionals. 

Despite being free, iFun enables you to record high-quality video in a wide range of formats without a watermark. 

Furthermore, it offers a lightweight built-in video editor to cut, trim, and crop any recorded area of your screen.

Let’s take a look at the features and highlights of iFun Screen Recorder.

IFun Screen Recorder Features & Highlights

Many features make iFun Screen Recorder unique and better than the rest.

Here are some of them:

 HD Video Recording

With iFun Screen Recorder, one can record high-quality HD videos up to 4096X2160 resolution without any lag. 

It provides a seamless video recording experience that most free screen recorders are unable to provide. There is no restriction on the video length, that’s why any length of the video can be recorded in full HD.

Audio & Face Recording

iFun Screen Recorder is one of the best and most suitable choices for those who like to record sound or surrounding sounds while recording videos. 

At the same time, its facecam function also allows you to show your face in the video.

Video Editing with Sharing

For your convenience, it offers a built-in video editor so that you can cut, trim, or crop out a specific part of the video. 

After making the changes, you can export the video in almost any format you want, including MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, TS, and more. 

Not only that, you can use its sharing feature to post your video on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.


Last but not least, you won’t find many screen recorders on the internet that allow you to produce videos without watermarks. Thanks to iFun Screen Recorder, you can now get rid of ugly watermarks for free.


Overall, iFun is an excellent online screen recorder that you can use for free. It offers a wide range of features for both video and audio, making it one of the best free screen recorders in the market. If you have a very low-performance PC, you can still easily record HD videos with iFun Screen Recorder.